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Types of Fitness Equipment and Their Benefits

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Getting in shape through an exercise regimen not only helps people lose weight, it helps them improve their physical fitness, endurance and muscle strength. There are several different types of machines available to use in a workout regimen. They exercise different muscle groups and, when combined, can improve total body fitness.


Rowing machines offer exercise to nearly every part of the body. The rowing motion strengthens muscles while giving the body a low-impact cardiovascular workout. The rower can improve endurance and flexibility while gliding along a rail. Those using the rowing machine can do a number of different exercises while simulating the rowing motion, or stand beside it and work other muscle groups, depending on how they want to concentrate their regimen.

Elliptical Machine

An elliptical trainer is low-impact fitness equipment that offers the same benefits of running and jogging without the wear and tear on knees, ankles and feet. The elliptical machine features cardiovascular exercise, fat burning and equal workouts for all limbs. Feet never need to leave the pedals, so it is helpful for those who wish to steer clear of wear and tear on the lower extremities.


Treadmills offer a safe indoor alternative to running and jogging on the street. Done in the comfort of home, the treadmill creates a variety of workouts, from walking to jogging to running. The treadmill user sets the speed of choice. A cardiovascular workout is as vigorous or mild as desired. A heart rate monitor is often available on treadmills, as is the measured virtual distance and speed. These machines help to build endurance for those who want to get in shape with fitness equipment.

Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are part of an aerobic workout that helps to reduce stress and weight. This indoor machine allows for a workout in a safe environment that is protected from the elements. Cycling is effective for burning calories and working on physical conditioning. Depending on the set-up of the machine, exercise bikes feature different body positions. Some designs feature an upright position, while others are recumbent, racing style or with adjustable saddle and armrest positions.

When someone is seeking fitness equipment for a home workout, the options are many and varied. They should choose the type of machinery that will give them the type of workout they are seeking and be something they enjoy doing. When someone is able to get into the routine of a workout and enjoy the exercise, they are more likely to stay with it over the long term.… Read More

Aerobics For Beginners, Class 1: Low intensity Aerobic exercise | Boldsky

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Ideal Aerobic exercise for you depends on your level of fitness. Aerobic exercise is a moderate intensity workout that extends over a certain period of time and uses oxygen in this process. From today we are starting a new series of Aerobics dance and exercises in different classes. Starting from low intensity going up to high intensity exercise to have full body workout. So start Aerobics with us from today only, specially beginners and find out amazing benefits.

एरोबिक्स में नए लोगों के लिए हम लायें है एरोबिक्स डांस जो आपकी बॉडी को शेप में रखने में मदद करेगा। रोज आप 10 से 15 मिनट एरोबिक्स करने से अपने वजन को कंट्रोल कर सकते हे ये एक्सरसाइज लड़के -लड़किया दोनों ही कर सकते है आइये शुरू करते हैं अपनी पहली क्लास से ।


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Now let’s talk about some serious stuff, how about sweating, while pumping iron inside a giant factory, with more than 50 equipments, spread over an area of 4000 sq. Ft. to shape up your body and if you want to have body like “ Ghazini’s Aamir” we have it for you, all the way from glittering, glamorous Bollywood, as we are tied up with “ Barbarian Power Gym” the personal trainer of Aamir Khan,Ritik Roshan,Ajay Devgan,Esha Doel and many more. We bring you a little of Satya everyday as we will be having tele presence of Satya everyday to satisfy your exercise need.

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Power Racks – Essential Home Gym Equipment

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A power rack is one of the most useful pieces of equipment for a home gym. If you have a good weight set and a good bench, the next thing you should consider is a good quality power rack. A power rack is a simple device that holds a barbell at any height you choose to start an exercise, and provides safety rails that catch the barbell at the end of the set. There is a link at the bottom of this article that will take you to some pictures of several different power racks.

The most important features of a power rack are safety and versatility. If you set it up properly, it enables you to perform many heavy exercises in relative safety. If you have ever bench pressed a heavy weight by yourself without a rack of some kind, you know what I mean! What do you do when you can not get that barbell off your chest? You either scream for help or shift the weight to one side and let it drop to the floor which not only can damage your equipment and the floor, but opens you up to the possibility of serious injury to your back, neck and shoulders. A properly used power rack prevents this by providing an adjustable height safety catch that allows you to simply lower the weight onto it and you can safely slide out from under the barbell with no risk or effort whatever!

Power racks are fully adjustable so you can set it up for safe military presses, bench presses (flat, incline or decline), squats, calf rises, cracks and any other movement where the barbell does not go to the floor at the end of the set. Many racks also have a chin up bar, adjustable dip bars, and an optional lat pull down attachment. I highly recommend the lat pulley attachment on the power rack versus a separate machine. I have used both and the rack is much more stable than most stand-alone lat machines, and the space savings is considerable.

I believe the power rack to be essential for someone who works out alone in a home gym. If you have a good set of weights and a good quality bench and are serious about your weight lifting or bodybuilding program, get a power rack next!

I personally own and use a Body Solid (Powerline) Power rack with a plate loading lat attachment, but Powertec and Yukon make quality racks as well. I am partial to Body Solid because I like all my equipment to look the same, and I have been please with every piece of body I have purchased over the years. … Read More