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How to Know Which Type of Dock Is Ideal for You

Building a dock may seem like a simple thing but there are several things one has to consider. One of the things that you should consider before building a dock is the kind of area you will build the dock on. How you intend to use the dock as well as the type of water you will build the dock on are other important factors to consider since not all boat docks are built alike. There are two main type of docks, the floating dock and the fixed dock. A brief description of these docks is highlighted below.

A floating dock is connected to land but is not anchored at the bottom of the water. Consider building a floating dock if you are in an area where the level of the water body changes frequently. They are also ideal for extremely deep waters or water bodies whose bottom is unstable due to murky or unstable waters that can not stably support a dock. Floating docks can be built in various shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the owner. floating docks can be custom made or purchased in segments and connected. Equally important to building floating docks is the type of material that will be used to build them since they have to work well with the waters they will be submerged in. Floating docks can be built with floating materials like barrel or lumber where the lumber framing and deck can rest. With this type of materials, you will have a lot of flexibility with the type of decking you decide to choose.

Fixed dock is the other type of dock and is known as the stationery dock or permanent dock. In most cases, this dock is connected to the bottom of the water with pilings. Length of the pilings is usually determined by the purpose of the dock and the height and depth of the water body. Water bodies that have frequent waves are quite unstable making the fixed dock ideal in this area. wood is preferred in areas where there is salty waters but in most cases wood and steel make for a fine material when building pilings.

Decks on this type of dock can be made from composite or lumber. Fishing, sunset viewing and securing a boat are some of the purposed of a fixed dock. Fixed docks are built to last for a long time and can help homeowners enjoy this unique space in their property.

After you have deliberated on the type of dock you want, you can work out details such as the size and shape of your dock. Consider adding other amenities to your dock such as the fishing area, entertainment area and a shade. Depending on the water area and water craft you will use, you can also consider having some fun additions to your dock.

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