Surry Hills Bootcamps – MG Fair Day 2012

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Andrew Greig, director of Life Active Personal Training and Fitness Expert for DNA Magazine runs monthly bootcamp classes for people in the Redfern and Surry Hills areas.

This flyer was designed by Matt Rule, for Life Active’s stall at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day 2012

© Life Active 2012

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Jogging on a bright November morning

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I was walking south along the bridle path that circumnavigates the reservoir in Central Park; and the view here is basically south, with the CitiCorp building and various other New York City skyscrapers in the background. The reservoir is enclosed by a fence (presumably to keep people from falling in, or jumping in to swim, or perhaps even attempting to fish), and there’s a jogging trail that runs along the fence; so scenes like this are pretty common.

I hadn’t taken the sun into account when I took this picture; during this season, it’s pretty far south, and for whatever reason, it left the runner in pretty dark shadow. I tweaked it a bit, and hopefully didn’t distort the background too badly. I also replaced the grayish-white hazy sky with a bluish gradient fill, using Adobe Photoshop Elements …


Note: this photo was published in a Feb 26, 2009 blog article titled "How to Intensify Your Running and Lose More Weight.." It was also published in a blog article (allegedly published on May 21, 2006 – which is difficult to imagine, since I didn’t take the picture until Nov 21, 2008) entitled "Burn Twice as Many Calories Running." It was also published in an April 14, 2009 blog titled "Find Our How Far You Run." And it was used in a May 8, 2009 Internet announcement proclaiming "Come cheer on the Lime team," for the Chase Corporate Challenge race on June 11, 2009. And it was published in a May 21, 2009 blog titled "Cardiovascular Fitness Means Healthier Heart ." I’ve also discovered that it was published in a Mar 20, 2009 blog titled "Running in the City, " (and then republished in the Mar 31, 2010 issue of the same blog ). More recently, it was published in a Jun 25, 2009 blog titled "How To… Stay Fit on the Road." I’ve also just discovered that it was published in the April 4, 2009 issue of the Directory of New York City blog, in an article titled "Central Park Indulgence."

The photo was also published in a Jul 21, 2009 blog titled "How to Get Started Long-Distance Running." Also in a Jul 24, 2009 blog titled "City Dwellers Are Healthier." And it was published in a Jul 29, 2009 blog titled "Le jogging est-il mauvais pour la santé?.." (which, according to Google’s translation service, means something like "Is jogging bad for health?" Yeah, is it? Well, you’ll have to read the blog to find out!

More recently, it was published in a Dec 15, 2009 blog titled "Care to read more of my thoughts on fitness?" And it was published as an illustration in a Dec 17, 2009 blog titled "Eco-Beat, 12/17." It was also published in an undated (Dec 2009) Jog4Life blog titled "Beginner Week Three Marathon Training."

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Key Weight Loss Tips Everyone Should Know

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Losing weight is counterproductive if it creates unhealthy consequences or results in short-term weight loss only. Keep in mind, however, that these advertisements are simply trying to sell their products. The industry of weight loss products wants to make money, but your doctor must keep you……

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Dancing – The Best Aerobic Exercise For Women

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Dancing is an art form, a way to express yourself, a great way to reduce stress, and an easy way to loose weight. I have danced my whole life. I did ballet for 9 years, then hip hop, and now I dance with my 5 year old daughter around the house, and pretty much every time I have a couple of drinks in me. Every time I dance I am completely happy. Dancing is an amazing form of exercise because it is incredibly fun and gives you a total body work out. You can work out just about every muscle group in the body and keep your heart rate up.

One of the most fun and current dance forms used as exercise in gyms all over the nation is zumba. Let me tell you, this is FUN. I took my first zumba class about year ago and fell in love. Zumba is a Latin dance aerobics class that usually lasts 45 min to an hour. It incorporates salsa and hip hop and is very fast paced. Your heart rate will stay up the whole time. By the end of the class you will have gotten an incredible workout without even realizing it.

If dancing has never really been your thing and you feel a little uncomfortable dancing in front of other people, rent a dance workout DVD. It’s a great way to give it a try and workout in your own living room. This is also a great way to teach yourself to dance and move if you want to practice before dancing with a group. I love to pop a DVD in and workout in the morning or lunch time. My favorite is hip hop abs.

Feeling the energy & dieting power of aerobic dance is an exciting and fun way to break up the monotany of your workout routine. I get so bored with ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills. I love to dance and will continue to dance my whole life.… Read More

Fitness Connection Yoga

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At Fitness Connection you’ll find all of the latest cardio and strength training equipment along with a dynamic group exercise program that includes classes like yoga, group cycling, mixed martial arts, muscle endurance training and pilates.

We have the largest gym in Raleigh with 65,000 square feet containing a junior Olympic size pool, sauna and steam rooms, over 150 pieces of cardio equipment, over 120 weight machines, a cardio cinema, free weights, kids club, full court basketball, and a personal training staff. Most importantly, you’ll find an energetic, supportive environment full of all kinds of people who are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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Pain and Pleasure – The Inspiration For Weight Loss Success

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We sometime feel frustrated because we don’t do anything about our weight issues. We become lazy and uninspired to do anything about it. What is that that gets some people moving towards their weight loss goals. We see these people moving and nothing stops them from achieving their goals. Their focus is laser like. Their focus is guiding them to their destination with resolve.

How can you have this type of focus? How can you be inspired to do something about your weight issues?

Pain and pleasure

The key is hidden in your tolerance to pain and what you experience as pleasure. When it comes to weight loss, many people don’t act until there is so much pain that it forces them to act. For example, when your doctor tells you that you must lose weight or else you could die what would you do? How motivating is that for you to change? It all depends on what you experience as pain and pleasure.

For some, the pain of apparent death is so painful that the pain and sacrifice of exercise is worth it to stay alive. These people will put off pleasure to experience pain. They will experience pain first and pleasure afterwards.

The wrong order is to experience pleasure first and then pain. This order will keep you overweight and frustrated. Let’s see examples as to how this works.

Pain and then pleasure

You might be in a situation where everyone around you is eating unhealthy foods and you want to stay committed to your weight loss goals by avoiding unhealthy foods. The pain of passing up great tasting food is powerful but you don’t give in. Not to mention the pressure you’ll receive by the offers of food. You’ll experience pleasure afterwards knowing that you didn’t sabotage. You keep your integrity and your self-esteem is maintained if not increased. You don’t experience feelings of guilt. Another word for this type of behavior is called delayed gratification. Where you purposefully delay gratifying things that will sabotage you to experience pleasure later.

Pleasure and then pain

Let’s take the same scenario and say you wanted to experience pleasure first by eating unhealthy foods. The pleasure in enjoying the taste of the unhealthy food is powerful. So powerful that you don’t delay the gratification. As time goes by you feel the guilt of eating unhealthy foods. You feel fat, sluggish and slow. You wonder then why you don’t have discipline to say no. This is the experience of feeling the pain afterwards.

The point here is to experience the pain first and then feel the pleasure. Delay gratification is due process. It’s essential to apply the technique of pain and pleasure. Practice delaying gratification so that you don’t sabotage. That’s what it’s all about. You must practice this technique to be successful when it comes to weight loss. It’s your choice. What are you going to choose?

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