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Hoist Fitness Equipment Reviews – Should I Buy Hoist Exercise Equipment?

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According to most dictionaries, hoist means to lift with the assistance of a mechanical device. Or at least, mimic the action made through body weight. And in a clever marketing move that the company can claim for itself, this is exactly what any Hoist fitness equipment does!

Hoist Range of Products

As a manufacturer of fitness equipment for 30 years, it is to be expected that the product range will be on the diverse, if not impressive, side. Fitness enthusiasts have many choices in fitness apparatus for strength training in all its aspects – weight, resistance, isometric and integrated.

The company’s official website classifies its fitness equipment into two user categories: consumer/home use and commercial/GSA use. Expectantly, the general dimensions for each category will differ as space consideration is an important factor in choosing gym equipment.

There are 8 product lines under the Hoist fitness equipment home category, namely, V Select Series, V-Core Gym, V-Rox, Gym, V Express Gym, V6 Personal Pulley Gym, Free weights, PTS Personal Training and H MultiStack Gyms. For users, this means choices from the simple flat bench (HF-4164) to the one-in-four multi-stack station (H-4400).

For the commercial range, there are 7 product lines, namely, ROC-IT, HD Series, HS Series, HMG MultiStations, CF Seroes, KL Series, and H MultiStack Gyms. It must be noted that the KL Series is targeted towards teens, with the intention of encouraging them to be fit at an early age.

With all these products made available to a fitness enthusiast, it’s time to “get hoisting” with Hoist fitness equipment!

Product Features

When exercising, especially in strength training where muscles and joints are at greater risks of injury and stress, safety is always a prevalent concern. After all, you want to increase muscle size and strength but not at the expense of safety! It bears saying here that safety starts with the right equipment.

This must have been what the developers of Hoist equipment had in mind when developing their product lines. All of the equipments comply with the safety standards of the ASTM International as well as the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health/Fitness Facility Standards Guidelines.

Other features of the Hoist fitness equipment that ensure durability, function, safety and, well, beauty include but are not limited to:

– Patented weight system for smoother and quieter movements, be it in the hoisting of the cables or the changing of the weights.

– High quality hand grips, where applicable, for comfort and stability.

– Foot rests for user stability and support.

– Steel tubing for the body, aluminum for the bars, and rubber for the flooring.

– Body straps where necessary to ensure stability.

Also, instructional DVDs and user manuals are provided for the equipment purchased from the website and in other stores. Of course, the various types of equipment boasts of different dimensions, resistance and functions but each one has the guarantee of lifetime durability from the manufacturers.

By any other standards, the Hoist fitness equipment is an excellent … Read More

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If You Have Chronic Disease Consider Using Exercise to Help You Get Well

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It was not too long ago that people with chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes (the big three) were told by their doctors to "take it easy" or "stay in bed" and rely on taking drugs or medication in order to stabilize the condition. Today, there is little doubt how the impact of lifestyle changes, including exercise can dramatically prevent, treat and even cure many of these ailments.

Even if you have a chronic condition or illness that is no reason to avoid physical activity as many conditions can be controlled through a properly designed and performed exercise program. Exercise used to be viewed as asking for trouble, however current evidence suggests that in both wellness and disease, the overall exit is better for the exerciser than for a sedentary person.

People not in perfect health often find that benefit in many ways from an exercise program that includes strength training. Getting stronger and fitter improves the way the body works increasing strength, balance and energy levels as well as easing pain. Improved fitness also allows a quicker rebound from sickness or injury and activities of daily living can be performed easier thereby retaining independence.

If you have become the victim of some chronic disease becoming more active is a clear benefit in improving health and well-being and reducing the risk of disability or premature death. A proper exercise program can also be a great tool for rebuilding wellness and strength after disease treatment.

Starting a new exercise program may seem like a difficult endeavor when you are not feeling well or are in pain but it can have a huge positive impact on the way you feel and perform. Although at times you may not feel like continuing with the program, you will be rewarded with many long-term benefits that will more than make up for the short term discomfort.

People with chronic medical problems should insist their health-care providers give them information on how properly exercise and lifestyle changes can affect the course of a disease or illness. If people can not obtain this information from their doctors, they should find an appropriate health professional who can and will give this information. Do not be fobbed off with "you do not need it" type of answers.

To open the door to better health with your exercise program see a fitness professional at your local gym or fitness center who will design an effective set of exercises specifically for your physical condition. They will also teach you correct exercise technique and monitor your progress along the way. Your program may need tweaking and changing to get it a good fit for you.

It may take some work as well on adjusting your mental attitude to view your illness as a very good reason to get started on a proper exercise program so you can become stronger and fitter to take control of your health. This will enable you to enjoy your life to the fuller rather … Read More

Aerobic – Step 3 (115 Bpm)

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Provided to YouTube by DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs GmbH

Aerobic – Step 3 (115 Bpm) · Workout Groove

Aerobic Workoutgroove Step 3: 100-130 Bpm

℗ 2017 Balance

Released on: 2017-08-25

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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About Personal Training Perth

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Our physiotherapists look forward to providing you with the same excellent level of care that they have become well known for in Perth. We particularly welcome you if you are looking for top-level sports physio in Perth.

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Exercise Machines for Circuit Training in a Women’s Fitness Center

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Women’s fitness centers are growing in popularity among women who are new to exercise or who may feel less confident in a traditional co-ed gym. These specialty gyms include exercise equipment specifically targeted to meet the fitness needs of women. They also provide a comfortable workout environment that brings together a supportive community of women with similar health and fitness goals. Many women who choose to attend a women’s fitness center may be unfamiliar with how to use many of the exercise machines. A great way for gym owners and trainers to get members started is to set up a circuit training program.

Circuit training combines a series of exercises into a full exercise routine. Each exercise is preformed for a few minutes before moving to the next exercise in the routine. Most circuit training programs are set up around a series of stations alternating between cardiovascular exercise and strength training. The fitness equipment at each station can include exercise machines, free weights, cardio equipment, or simple floor mats for exercises such as push-ups and stomach crunches.

For upper body strength, a variety of exercise machines can be included as part of a circuit training program, such as a chest press, shoulder press, seated or standing row, bicep curl machine, or triceps pull down machine. The machines are used in either a seated or standing position. For lower body, exercise machines such as calf extensions, leg presses, and leg curls provide toning exercises for the legs. These exercises are typical done seated. To ensure both a challenging and safe workout, women can select the proper weight amounts on the machines for their own personal fitness levels.

In addition to strength training exercise machines, a good circuit training program will include exercises on cardiovascular equipment. Treadmills are the most popular cardio equipment typically found in a women’s gym. A treadmill allows the user to walk or run at any pace desired. Most also have the ability to adjust incline. This gives the member the experience of running or walking uphill, working additional muscle groups and burning more calories. Elliptical cross trainers are also popular in gyms. An elliptical machine provides an aerobic workout similar to cross country skiing and tends to be gentler on the knees than a treadmill. Upright or recumbent exercise bikes are another option for low impact, cardiovascular exercise as part of a circuit training program.

Setting up a circuit training program at a women’s fitness center is a great way to introduce the patrons to the exercise equipment and get them started on their path to fitness. A good mix of strength training and cardiovascular exercise equipment will enable a strong circuit training program that delivers the results that gym members are looking for.… Read More

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Treadmills – The Perfect Home Exercise Equipment

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Treadmills by their very nature concentrate on working the lower portion of your body. That means they are a great exercise machine for the large thigh and leg muscles, and of course a cardiovascular workout for the heart and lungs.

Treadmills provide two of the most popular forms of exercise – walking and running – in the comfort of your own home. The only drawback is the large amount of space they can take up in a room. If you are considering purchasing one for your home gym be sure and take this into consideration. On the plus side, treadmills have improved considering over the last few years with their functionality and pricing getting better all the time. Things have improved to the extent that you can now purchase a treadmill for well under $ 1000 that has features you would not have seen in a commercial model a few years back.

Treadmills remain one the most popular pieces of exercise equipment on the home front as well as in the gym. They are easy to use and provide good cardiovascular workouts as well as the exercise benefits of walking or running. One drawback to consider is that they are hard on the leg joints and the lower back because of the actual impact (running in place on a hard surface) involved with using them.

All in all the treadmill is an excellent choice of equipment in lieu of running, jogging, or walking out of doors. You can exercise indoors safely and comfortably, and it does not matter what the weather is doing outside. The treadmill remains a very affordable and desirable piece of home exercise equipment. … Read More

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5 Tips to Building Customer Satisfaction in Health Clubs

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There are more health clubs available than ever before to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. But, why do so many of them fail? They simply are not looking at their clubs from the perspectives of their customers. Here are five ways to key into the needs of your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Get to know your customers – Learn your customers names. Health club customers generally tend to frequent their clubs at a regular time, so have the scheduled staff know who they see come in regularly. Everyone loves to be gifted by name and with a sense of familiarity after they have been somewhere more than three times.

Get to know their goals – Everyone that uses the health club and it's facilities is there for one reason or another. Find out what it is and direct them to the right equipment or staff to help them achieve those goals.

Give them the information they need, support, and accountability – Once their goals have been determined, get them the information and support that they need and want. Losing weight, building muscle, lower blood pressure, increasing fitness and flexibility each have their own nuances and components. Have information, support, and accountability readily available for them.

Give your loyal customers what they want – Pay attention to the services and amenities that your loyal customers use. For the ones that are there day in and day out, ask them what they want to keep them happy. Fitness trends come and go. Be sure that when you are trying to keep up with the latest trend that it steers clear of the world of the loyals. If you decrease amenities or areas that are used on a continuous basis, you will lose customers. If no one uses the racquetball courts, then decrease accordingly and use the space to try the newest fad. However, if racquetball courts are used consistently, keep them open and find other areas to try new trends.

Give them a safe, comfortable, clean environment – People generally stay in places where they feel comfortable. Give your health club customers reassurance that you are providing a clean, safe, and comfortable environment to achieve their health and fitness goals. Clean and checked equipment will be much more inviting than equipment that never sees a sanitizer or looks or sounds rusted or neglected.

More people than ever before are making fitness a major part of their daily lives. Health clubs that strive to know their customers and deliver what they want are going to earn the business and referrals from their existing customers. … Read More