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Arguing In Favor Of Yoga

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I have been looking into health and fitness for nearly half a century, and writing on the subject for the last decade.

One area of ​​interest which I have encountered again and again is yoga.

So, I was not overly surprised recently, when, while reading an article on several things that anyone could do for good health, yoga was mentioned.

The surprising fact, not for me, but, for you, is that, after specifically discussing the value of exercise, nutrition, and managing stress, the articleave the subject of yoga own own section.

You see, I have learned over the years that yoga has so many potential health benefits and spans so many health related subjects that it almost has to own its discussion.

In many other cultures than that of the US and Europe, and for many people, yoga is more than just a fitness routine … it is a way of living. As such, it includes both mental and physical exercise, meditation, diet, and stress reduction. Even the most shallow practitioner of yoga not only reaps the beneficial health benefits of yoga, but, seems to absorb some of the other aspects through some form of psychic osmosis.

To some extent, opting to accept yoga as exercise is a bit of a buy-in to many of the other health benefits of yoga.

As a stand-alone exercise program, yoga can combine both strength and some aspects of cardio. While it lacks the heart pounding results of running, or similar forms of aerobic exercise, doing the movements properly requires proper breathing as well. The body, and the mind, learn how to bring oxygen into the body more efficiently, and distribute it effectively through the body.

When done properly and regularly, yoga can produce a condition similar to, or, for some, damaged near the same as, meditation. Meditation, and exercise (see previous paragraph), both help to reduce stress. In case you are one of the twelve people on earth who are not aware, stress is probably the most dangerous, and most common, health risk for nearly every health issue which you may encounter.

Eating properly is also a major factor for good health. While those who really "get into" yoga go out of their way to alter their diet for the good, even those who intend to adopt it as a physical fitness regimen tend to alter their eating for better health. This is probably due to the "osmosis effect" I mentioned earlier. Also, it is not uncommon for a person adopting one aspect of a healthy life to adopt other aspects as well.

However, stress is also a factor in overeating and poor digestion. Exercise in general, and yoga specifically, helps relieve stress and encourages people to make better decisions about their diet and eating habits. A regular practice of yoga also seems to assist with the digestive process itself.

So, while opting for a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, relieving stress, and eating properly is a good thing to do, an easy … Read More

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The Health Benefits of Yoghurt

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This is something recently added to my diet in the smoothies that have replaced a normal cereal breakfast. Used in conjunction with 5 or 6 different fruits and a small teaspoon of Manuka honey plus a stick of celery my gut is now singing and alive. Concerned about toxicity from an incorrect diet and worried by a recent report of fat in the pancreas (which can lead to cancer) it was essential to repair my body and release it from the toxins.

My research into yoghurt has confirmed the importance of it for the digestive system, although it is not essential. Being a dairy product it does not appear to hinder arthritis although further research into that side of it is required. It does, however, contain essential minerals, vitamins, and calcium, plus other goodies.

The first thing is about good bacteria in the gut. This product is usually made from bacteria which puts it in the status of probiotics, and most have heard that word before. The term ‘pro-biotics’ literally means ‘for living things’. By way of contrast ‘anti-biotic’ means ‘against living things’. The latter destroys bacteria and the former replaces it with the good ones.

It is also animal protein because it comes from milk. That means it has calcium, vitamins B2, B12, potassium and magnesium.

Calcium: is essential for bone mass, while it assists in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. It is, therefore, good for all age groups.

Potassium is essential for heart, kidneys, and other organs to function properly. Low potassium leads to a risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, infertility, and digestive disorders.

Magnesium helps keep the blood pressure normal and the heart rhythm steady along with healthy bones. Studies in the US show that people who do not have enough magnesium in their system are likely to have elevated inflammatory markers which are associated with heart disease, diabetes, and a risk of osteoporosis. People with high blood pressure can also be helped.

Since including it in my diet the benefits have shown up in many ways, including the good-feeling in my digestive tract. That means it is doing its job and there is nothing to be lost or which is adverse against it.

People who suffer from any of the above mentioned problems might like to do their own research into ways to improve their diet and increase the health benefits. Along with taking yoghurt on a daily basis I have included a gym membership for essential exercise and have removed refined sugar and salt from food wherever possible. Bread intake is also greatly reduced and sometimes not required at all.… Read More

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Top Treatments For Cellulite

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One of the great things that the World Wide Web has allowed us is the ability to research many different things of personal interest, and gain knowledge in our quest to be happy and healthy from the inside out.

It is no surprise that people all around the world are searching for beauty secrets online, so considering the fact that cellulite is one of the many beauty issues that requires special attention, we will go over the most effective ways to reduce that unsightly dimpling of the skin. Of course, I may have a personal reason for sharing on this topic.

There are several ways to try and prevent cellulite and if you have seen the pictures on the cover of those gossip magazines while waiting in line at the supermarket, you know that even the skinniest of people can and do have cellulite. But what are the best ways, or the ways that have proven effective according to experts?

As obvious as this can be, it is clear that your diet plays a major role in cellulite development or reduction. It has been recommended that we use what they call "good fats" in our diets. These good fats are things like fish or items that contain Omega-3 fats, some nuts and lean cuts of meat, and using heart healthy products when cooking our foods like extra virgin olive oil.

It is important to avoid Trans fats, so take a look at your products and if you see a Trans fat content, you might want to keep on looking. Lightening up on the sugar will also help. Note that crash dieting can actually exacerbate your cellulite and it not recommended at all.

In addition to healthy eating to reduce or eliminate cellulite, you will want to implement some exercise into your lifestyle. We do not needarily need to spend hours a day working out to get the benefits of exercise. A nice walk or short jog will help with cardio, and exercises such as lunges and squats will also assist in getting rid of cellulite. Get your metabolism going and then work those leg and behind muscles. Again, there is no need to hurt yourself because we all know, time plays a part in proper weight loss and cellulite treatment.

Finally, it is always beneficial to use natural products such as creams or gels to help get our skin looking great and smooth. Let's face it, cellulite is simply unattractive and does not just affect women. Men as well are looking for good healthy ways to treat cellulite. There is a wide variety of natural cellulite reduction products available today, so take a good look at the ingredients and if they are natural, they definitely can not hurt us! … Read More


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Algunos ejemplos de ejercicios de AEROBIC WARM UP CON T-BOW® by MARCELO LASSO

Video developed by Marcelo Lasso
Licenciado en ciencias del movimiento humano (Clínica Fisio & Deporte Montevideo).
Experto en Gimnasia Terapéutica y Entrenamiento para la Salud.
Coordinador de Formación T-BOW® Fitness en Sud-Centro América.
Impartiendo clases de T-BOW® · Instituto de Cultura Fisica Aerobic Uruguay.

T-BOW® Fitness · Spain-Portugal-Andorra and Central-South America

T-BOW® International · Switzerland

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