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Tips For Weight Loss Reexamined

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When you hear the word weight loss, the images you conjure up are giving up on food, skipping one meal in a day and trying to curb your hunger in whatever manner you can.

No longer are these true as a means of going for that weight loss you so desire. A lot of things have been redefined and re-examined in the weight loss arena and a lot of old theories of dieting and controlling your hunger are no longer valid. Come to think of these, a lot of these have been even dismissed by medical specialists as dangerous and unhealthy.

So what are your options if you want to lose weight? Well, if you have heard about stories of actresses going on a crash course diet and getting thin in ten days then you have only heard about one side of the story. There are stories which are not told that these actresses suffer from numerous health related issues because of their dieting binge or because of the rapid loss of weight. So better be careful if you are going to pursue weight loss that way.

Do not despair as there are healthier and more meaningful ways of losing weight which will not take you down the unhealthy path. These tips for weight loss will help you lose weight in a manner which is also medically viable and can be sustained by the body. But the fact of the matter that the inner motivation still has to come from you.

The first foremost tip for weight loss is that you should drink lots of water. Drink eight to ten glasses of water everyday. This helps in two ways first you lose excess toxins from the body and secondly your metabolism rate go high. As a corollary to that since you have had so much water you will not be hungry as much as you were earlier. This should be your number one fad diet if you are a aficionado of fad diets that come and go every year.

The second tip is a combined tip of exercise and discipline. Exercise regularly and exercise smart. Never ever give up. They say a habit is formed in 21 days and that means for the first 21 days you should strive to be disciplined and will exercise regularly. After 21 days it will become your habit and then you should strive for more and more strenuous exercises each day. If you have issues going to the gym try using home based equipment like Wii Fit or Yoga at home or cycling at home for doing some exercises at home. Increase the difficulty levels and you will see weight loss happening.

Hopefully these tips will help you reduce significant amount weight over a period of time. Remember there is no magic formula.… Read More

Dinner Weight Loss Tips | Fitness

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Not sure why this happened every day, but admittedly, it did. I ate healthy most of the day, with my green protein smoothies for breakfast, perfectly packed mason jar salads for lunch, and fresh fruit and nuts for snacks. I felt like my diet up until 5 p.m. belonged on a frickin’…

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Personal Training Wishart – Fitness Gyms, Fitness Clubs

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You Are What You Eat

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In case you did not know this about me, I also teach group exercise. As is usually the case, one of my current group participants recently asked how she could lose weight . I already know she works out optimally and amps up her time when she is in the gym, so I told her she had to eat . She said "That's what everyone has been telling me, I know I do not eat enough."

How did I know this right off the bat without having to ask her any questions? I've seen this same scenario happen way more times than I can count, not only with my own clients but with strangers, too. What holds people back from reaching their weight loss goals is that they think less is better. They believe less food will mean less weight gain. Now true, less of the wrong foods would be better but is not the right answer either. When it comes to healthy foods and eating properly, do not fool yourself, less is not better. More of the right kind of foods in a regular serving size is what it takes to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

What do I mean about the right kind of foods? Lean proteins such as beans (which contain as much protein as an ounce of broiled steak) and white meat of poultry; whole grains (the less processed, the better) for carbohydrates; and foods high in good fats like nuts, seeds, and fish, all work in combination to fuel your body. Most of us are busy; we have things to do, places to go and fun to be had … so we should want our body to run optimally. When we eat the most advantageous foods, our body can run optimally allowing our life to run smoothly.

If you do not believe me, give it a test. Wait until you are hungry … then do not eat. Pay attention to how happy you feel and see how much patience you have. I had a client who would say "OK, I'm coming up to the ugly stage. It was true. She would be cranky, did not have any patience and the small thing seemed huge to her. Being hungry and not eating has failure written all over it!

Eating the right kind of foods, tailor to your likes, gives you the building blocks for a healthy life. My mother just had her very first operation and has been eating healthy and exercising all her life. She looks about 65 and has the energy level of a 35 year old. She is 90 . I kid you not. When the medical staff asked her for her date of birth and she said 1922, their eyesballs popped out. Many of the nurses, both male and female, asked what her secret is. If that is not evidence of how taking care of your body makes a difference, I do not know what is.

And let's not forget serving … Read More

AEROBIC Music Fitness Workouts and Dance Vol.07

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