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52 weeks of fitness – Week 1
OK just did 5k on the ergo (Concept 2 Rowing machine). Completely knackered now.

Decided to do the 52 weeks of fitness thing that Abe kicked off. Sadly the group is oversubscribed, but I decided I may as well do the work anyway. Nothing else seems to motivate me to exercise regularly… and if flickr (or rather the flickr community) can motivate me to do a 365, then perhaps it will work to get me fit.
[Edit – some folk now left the group, so now I am committed]

I do need to get fit…. I’ll be 50 next year & I’d rather enter my fifties fit than pathetic, else it will be downhill rapidly from there.

There was a time when I was fit…. I used to do alot of rock climbing, running etc (In fact I’ve run 4 marathons), but those days are long gone….. killed by age, apathy & injury.

Anyway I have a much neglected ergo (Rowing Machine)….bought because I cancelled the expensive gym membership I didn’t use, and theoretically the ergo would be much better value for money. Actually all it did was lose money in a single large lump sum & then collect guilt thereafter. I do use it, but rather sporadically.

So in order to get fit I have decided to do 2 things…
1) a minimum of 2 sessions of ergo a week (or real rowing on the river when conditions allow)
2) The hundredpushups program that Grace identified a few days ago… so far done the exhaustion test (a measly 12) and Week 1 – Day 1 session (10+12+7+7+9)

Also for TOTW – Feelin’ fit

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Aerobics for Beginners – Poonam Sharma

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Aerobic exercise is sometimes known as “cardio”- exercise that requires pumping of oxygenated blood by the heart to deliver oxygen to working muscles. Aerobic exercise stimulates the heart rate and breathing rate to increase in a way that can be sustained for the exercise session. Poonam Sharma, Renowned Fitness expert shows aerobics exercises for beginners, beneficial for their fitness.

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