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Personal Training – A Wise Investment

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What is your health worth? Hopefully your answer is, "priceless".

As a personal trainer this is something that I see a lot of people struggle with. When I have a consultation with a client who tells me how upset and frustrated they are to be 60 pounds overweight, and that they do not know how to exercise properly, I think, 'great, this is someone I can help'. But at the end of that consultation after I have addressed all of their problems and developed a plan to make them healthy, some decide that their health is not worth the cost of a personal trainer.

This may not be how they say it, or see it, but absolutely that is what it boils down to. When a person looks to personal training it is not because they want to spend money for a personal trainer, but that they are paying for the output of having a personal trainer. They are paying for their health. If only everyone could realize that.

Why is it that we invest our money into things that will make our financial health better, but are not willing to invest our money into something that will improve our physical health?

In today's economy I would say it is a pretty good time to invest your money in your health where you are guaranteed a return on your investment as long as you commit yourself to it. If you are not healthy enough to enjoy your money at the end of the day, what is the point?

If you are currently fed up with your physical health, and need some help, consult with a personal trainer, but do yourself the favor of being open minded enough to invest your money wisely. What is a few thousand dollars if you get results and feel great? Have you ever considered what you are currently spending on your health? You pay for vitamins, blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, pills for stress, anxiety, depression, sleep … the list goes on. On top of that you may have lots of doctor and hospital bills if your health is poor enough to require special attention. So if working with a great personal trainer could reduce or eliminate most of those costs, is not it worth it? I imagine that if exercise came in a pill form and would cure most of your problems you would pay for it without hesitation. Well, exercise is not a pill – there is no quick fix. However, you can devote a few months with a great personal trainer, learn to have an active lifestyle and eat right, and then you can move on and continue to exercise on your own.

This article is meant to make you realize how important your health is, and why it is always a wise investment. Next time you are considering personal training, and weighing the cost, make sure your health is on the other side of that scale – it will always weigh … Read More

Mark 2 – mens fitness

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Thank you for viewing my work.

Flickr for me is way to network, share ideas
and inspiration with other like minded photographers.
I welcome comments from all and constructive criticism from other photographers.

I am happy to add my photos in groups that I am a member of or ones that invite
participation from original photographers for artistic goals.

…HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT ASK me to contribute to fetish groups or any group that recycles photos from the internet. I’m only interested in original work.

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Making a Good Personal Trainer Advertisement

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What goes into making a good personal trainer advertisement? The answer, on a general level, is the same things that go into making up just about every other really effective ad. Remember; The components in these ads are there to aid a consumer in deciding to take on someone like a personal trainer. It's always hoped, of course, that the decision on personal training will work in the trainer's favor.

So, what goes into making up a good ad? First of all, the person taking out the ad needs to realize the importance of content. It's the A-Number One ingredient in any ad, as a matter of fact. People – when it comes to hiring a personal trainer – want to know what the trainer is going to do for them. This is what the meaning of content in this context means. In fitness, it's all about personalization.

Ensuring good content in an ad may seem difficult, at first, but it's really not. The trainer just needs to make sure he or she is not getting wrapped up in trying to tailor an individual message to each and every potential client out there. Good ads start out in a diverse manner and narrow down as the message continues to be delivered. Occasionally, each person will hear their own version of "here's what Mr. Trainer is going to do for YOU."

Any of the good advertisements – online or actual print – never fail to include all the elements of any good story, much as you'd find in a newspaper article. Who, what, where, when and why nowdays also are joined to the largest 'W' of them all: WWW. This is where an Internet presence becomes so important in advertising. Your clients will be able to find out all about your business on a 24/7 basis.

Let's go back to the newspaper example for a minute. The ad will let people in on who you are and what the business is in business for. Also, it informs folks on what you would be willing to extend to them as it pertains to training services. And nobody will find you unless you include where your business is (even if it's a PO Box). Of course, knowing when you're open would be a good thing. And the last 'W' has to be WHY people should consider you before anyone else.

If you ensure any ads you're doing contain all the Ws, those ads will be able to do a much better job for you when the time comes around to ask a client to make you their personal trainer. They've been prepped to do so, and ads which contain these elements tend to create more opportunities to sell to customers who do pick up the phone or email you about fitness training.

Remember, too, to make sure you take advantage of ALL the ways in which advertisements can be delivered and how often they're evaluated. In this regard, it's best that online stuff … Read More

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Life Fitness Ellipticals are Among the Best

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The Life Fitness company makes six different models. They are the Life Fitness Elliptical X3, the Life Fitness Elliptical X3i, the Life Fitness Elliptical X5, the Life Fitness Elliptical X5i, the Life Fitness Elliptical x9i, and the Life Fitness Elliptical Sports Cardio SX30. These machines are at the higher end of ellipticals and the Life Fitness ellipticals are of the highest quality. The down side of the Life Fitness ellipticals is the warranties

could be better for the price you are paying. The last model mentioned the Life Fitness Sport Model gives you a lifetime warranty on the frame, two years on the parts, and one year on the labor. All the other models mentioned above have the same warranty, lifetime on the frame, two years on the parts, and one year on the labor.

The Life Fitness ellipticals X3, and X3i, are at the lower end of the six models. They are built very durable and are under three thousand dollars. The X3i has four more programs than the X3 and is slightly better. The Life Fitness X5, and the Life Fitness X5i, have something called the Select Stride, which means that you can select from four different settings, sprint, run, jog, and walk. These ellipticals may last a lifetime, they are built that well. They are among the heaviest ellipticals made, so after they are

put together, don’t plan on moving them often. The Life Fitness X9i has eighteen programs and seven personal programs. The quality is said to be that of a commercial gym machine. This is one of the absolute best elliptical that money can buy. These ellipticals are quiet and very stable units.

The last model, the Life Fitness Elliptical Sports Cardio SX30 is at the lowest end that the Life Firness company makes. It is an average elliptical trainer at best and so if you are considering this model you may also want to check out other competitive makes.

All things considered it’s hard to top the quality and value of Life Fitness Ellipticals.… Read More

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Getting the Most Out of Your Gym Membership

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Whether you already belong to a gym or are looking to join, there are some tricks to getting the most out of your money.

The first thing to do is to find out about any discounts that your local gyms offer. Some gyms give student discounts with an ID and some partner with companies and give employee discounts.

Also, call your insurance provider because some insurance companies will cover the cost of gym memberships. They hope that a gym membership will keep you healthy and therefore they will spend less on you in the long run.

If you do not have a gym membership, but want one without spending a lot of money look into alternatives. You may be able to find a community center, college, or high school that offer cheap memberships or even free use of their facilities.

To get the best deal on a gym membership you will have to negotiate.

The best time to try this is during the fall or winter months when gyms can use the extra business. Go to a gym and tell them you are interested in joining. When you are told how much it will cost, ask surprised and like it is too much. Then, tell them their competition you have a better price. If they are willing to give you a lower price, take it. If they are willing to give any discounts then just leave and try the same tactic at another gym.

If you are a gym member, make the most of it and actually save yourself money. Take advantage of your membership. After exercising, shower at the gym, use their soap and towels. Women can even dry their hair at the gym. Doing these few simple things every time you are at the gym can save you money on your home water, electric, and gas bills. … Read More