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Purchasing Your First Drum Set No matter whether we are young or old, we all start to do something specific when we hear our favorite song. From day one, we start to drum or pound our hands on a surface. It’s no wonder that so many people want to learn how to play the rhythm of their favorite songs on the drums. When it finally comes time to buy your first drum set, what is it that you should be looking for? It isn’t rocket science, and you can be in and out of the store quickly if you are educated on what kind of drum set you need as a beginning drummer. Price is the most important thing to educate yourself on, initially. There is no reason for your beginner drum set to be pricey. You are just feeling out drumming, don’t make an ultimate commitment like a pricey drum set. You also may hurt the first drum set you buy, some beginners hit the drums harder than they should, and you don’t want to cry as you are replacing your new drums. A moderately priced drum set should be fine when you’re just starting out, and there isn’t any reason to stress about getting something better. The next thing to look at is the cymbals. Cymbals may be included in your kit, but sometimes that isn’t the case, so you’ll need to buy some additional ones. How thick a cymbal is, is the most important quality of the cymbal you will purchase. You don’t want cymbals that are too thin, or too bendy, as they are prone to breaking quickly, especially if you are just a beginner starting to learn. Don’t go overboard and buy something pricey, but keep it moderate and of good thickness.
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Finally, there are the finishing touches of the drum set. You may want to select your own seat to drum from, or throne in drumming speak. There are all kinds of seats in all kinds of price points, and it is completely up to you what type of seat fits you the most perfectly. Buying drumsticks comes last, but as anyone who has been to a rock concert knows, buy several sets of these, as they may meet an untimely end at any time, and having back up sets will help your practice sessions continue seamlessly.
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While it seems like there are a lot of components involved with purchasing your first drum set, the process is actually quite simple. By taking it step by step, and choosing a quality piece at a decent price, you’ll be satisfied with your purchase and making beautiful music.