5 Things You Cant Afford to Miss in Mumbai

Summary: One of the most vibrant cities in Asia, Mumbai is a place of dream. Thriving modernism, captivating scenery, splendid bazaar & streets and a range of tourist attractions give travelers a complete holiday experience. Here are top 5 Mumbai attractions, you shouldn’t miss at all.

Mumbai doesn’t have so many historical attractions; it doesn’t boast rich wildlife and you don’t find so much adventure here, but this bustling metropolis has a unique lure that never fails to enchant its visitors. Interesting sights, thriving modernity and a range of fun-filled activities here are hard to surpass over. Following are top 5 attractions you can’t afford to miss in Mumbai.

Gateway of India: The most recognized monument of the city, the Gateway of India is thoughtfully designed to be the first thing a visitor see while entering Mumbai by boat. This enticing monument has remarkable history behind it. Striking symbol of … Read More

Amid reckoning on police racism, algorithm bias in focus

A wave of protests over law enforcement abuses has highlighted concerns over artificial intelligence programs like facial recognition which critics say may reinforce racial bias.

While the protests have focused on police misconduct, activists point out flaws that may lead to unfair applications of technologies for law enforcement, including facial recognition, predictive policing and “risk assessment” algorithms.

The issue came to the forefront recently with the wrongful arrest in Detroit of an African American man based on a flawed algorithm which identified him as a robbery suspect.

Critics of facial recognition use in law enforcement say the case underscores the pervasive impact of a flawed technology.

Mutale Nkonde, an AI researcher, said that even though the idea of bias and algorithms has been debated for years, the latest case and other incidents have driven home the message.

“What is different in this moment is we have explainability and people are

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26 Mins Burning 450 Calorie Aerobic Dance Workout at home l Zumba Dance Workout

26 Mins Burning 450 Calorie Aerobic Dance Workout at home l Zumba Dance Workout
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Health and Fitness – Buying Used Fitness Equipment

If you are dedicated to your health and fitness, but are sick and tired of the time it takes to work out at the gym you might want to look into getting used fitness equipment for your home. With the right knowledge you will be able to find equipment that is in perfect condition, for a fraction of the price.

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