5 Things You Cant Afford to Miss in Mumbai

Summary: One of the most vibrant cities in Asia, Mumbai is a place of dream. Thriving modernism, captivating scenery, splendid bazaar & streets and a range of tourist attractions give travelers a complete holiday experience. Here are top 5 Mumbai attractions, you shouldn’t miss at all.

Mumbai doesn’t have so many historical attractions; it doesn’t boast rich wildlife and you don’t find so much adventure here, but this bustling metropolis has a unique lure that never fails to enchant its visitors. Interesting sights, thriving modernity and a range of fun-filled activities here are hard to surpass over. Following are top 5 attractions you can’t afford to miss in Mumbai.

Gateway of India: The most recognized monument of the city, the Gateway of India is thoughtfully designed to be the first thing a visitor see while entering Mumbai by boat. This enticing monument has remarkable history behind it. Striking symbol of … Read More

Google did not automatically sign up Android users for COVID-19 tracing app

The claim: Google automatically signed up all Android users for a COVID-19 tracing app.

New mobile contact tracing technology aimed at minimizing the spread of COVID-19 has prompted claims on social media that Google automatically updated all Android devices with a tracing app.

A June 3 Facebook posting reads, “Android users BEWARE, google automatically signed you up to COVID-19 tracing app.” 

The post then goes on to urge Android users to turn off COVID-19 exposure notifications under Usage & Diagnostics in their Google Services in the device’s settings. 

Other similar posts claim that a “COVID-19 sensor has been secretly installed on every phone.”

The claim follows reports that public health officials and technology companies are working on contact tracing methods to identify people who have been near someone infected with the coronavirus. Similar claims appeared on social media platforms in May — and have been debunked — after Congress introduced

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MUSIK AEROBIC 2020 HINDI YOU ARE MY SONIYA || BEAT INSTANSI || Dengarkan Dulu Musiknya Sampai Habis


Musik Aerobic Dengan Tempo INSTANSI dihadirkan untuk anda yang suka dengan alunan musik india yang asik…
cocok untuk pelatihan aerobik instansi ataupun lansia…
selamat menikmati….

jangan lupa tinggalkan jejak 🙂

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Nonton juga video dance workout dan senam lainnya dibawah ini :

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