5 Things You Cant Afford to Miss in Mumbai

Summary: One of the most vibrant cities in Asia, Mumbai is a place of dream. Thriving modernism, captivating scenery, splendid bazaar & streets and a range of tourist attractions give travelers a complete holiday experience. Here are top 5 Mumbai attractions, you shouldn’t miss at all.

Mumbai doesn’t have so many historical attractions; it doesn’t boast rich wildlife and you don’t find so much adventure here, but this bustling metropolis has a unique lure that never fails to enchant its visitors. Interesting sights, thriving modernity and a range of fun-filled activities here are hard to surpass over. Following are top 5 attractions you can’t afford to miss in Mumbai.

Gateway of India: The most recognized monument of the city, the Gateway of India is thoughtfully designed to be the first thing a visitor see while entering Mumbai by boat. This enticing monument has remarkable history behind it. Striking symbol of … Read More

6 China ETFs From 3 Sectors That Emerged Winners in June

The second quarter of 2020 was the best quarter for Wall Street since 1998 despite coronavirus-led lockdowns in various parts of the globe. The unprecedented stimulus measures by global central banks and governments made this possible.

Though the market momentum was especially upbeat in the middle of the quarter, it slackened a bit in June. Rising coronavirus cases with the unlocking of economies disturbed the momentum occasionally in June.

Interestingly, if we screen the top-performing ETFs of June, we will have a host of China ETFs in the top 15 list. These funds come mainly from the technology, healthcare and clean energy segments. Let’s tell you what made these ETFs winners in June.


The coronavirus-led social distancing trend has given a boost to technology all over the world. People indulged in the work-learn-entertainment-from-home trend. As a result, Chinese Internet and tech ETFs that house stocks like Tencent, Alibaba, JD.Com,

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Bài tập aerobic giảm mỡ bụng siêu nhanh

Chi sẻ cho các chị em video bài tập aerobic giảm mỡ bụng siêu nhanh.
Em gái 1 con 20 tháng bụng bèo nhèo lắm, xong cay cú vì bị chê nhiều (thỉnh thoảng còn có người bảo đang mang bầu ah) nên em quyết tâm giảm mỡ bụng. Trường kỳ với video này 1 tháng bây giờ chẳng ai bảo gái có con đâu (thực ra 1 tuần tập đầu tiên đã thấy có hiệu quả lắm).
Tuy nhiên tập bao nhiêu thì các chị em cũng phải ăn uống khoa học nha, chứ đừng như em tối đến lại làm cốc chè/ cái bánh ngọt,…thì hiệu quả sẽ bị giảm.
Chúc các chị em nhà mình luôn đẹp

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