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Aerobic Dance: Thats Not My Name

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This choreography is not 100% mine. I helped my friend Wanda Eugene choreograph it so in return I can use it. Thanks Wanda!
Also the camera ran out of memory toward the end of the song so it’s not complete but it’s complete enough lol.

I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC! This video is for instructional purposes only.


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Life Fitness Club Elliptical Review

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When looking for an elliptical to buy, and taking cost as well as professed value into consideration, there are 2 brands that stand out in particular.

Looking at Life Fitness, one seems to understand that there is an outstanding quality, and style that some other machines just do not have-possibly due to price, or just lack of design. This club elliptical presents a lot of options, although at a high price-roughly $ 4,000.

This particularly smooth model, the Life Fitness Club, will remind any user how a club machine feels and looks-if they can afford it.

An easy to read LED console, plus some really nice styling helps you forget that you are actually in your basement working out, and not standing in the middle of a bunch of stinky sweaty people.

The Life Fitness Club presents a wide range of potential resistances, due to the alternator resistance that is on it, and has a very quiet, smooth functionality. With no expense spared, it has some of the best programs I have used on any elliptical-except for the fact that there is no LCD screen on the Club series.

Quality and Inventive

Some of the most pleasurable, inventive fitness machine programs on the market are provided by Life Fitness. This list of eighteen programs permits the user to conjure up different terrains from the earth called Around The World. It is easy to see why the price tag is so high-with a line-up of programs that are not only thorough, but ingenious.

Lower-priced machines do not include the measured increase in resistance and even changeover that permits you to carry on with your workout-something that an alternator resistance provided in the Life Style Fitness Club will allow you to do. The machines' overall quiet operation and smooth motion is made possible because of the alternator resistance.

If you are looking for a machine that is quality-made through and through, an overall great machine, and not just a mere compilation of exclusive features, then the Life Fitness Club Series is the elliptical machine for you.

My big disappointment beyond the price tag is the warranty. In my personal, humble opinion, I was expecting more of a warranty for the cost of the machine-not the exact same one that the $ 1000 Ellipticals have.

There are few more concerns, too. First, why can not the warranty of the Club's warranty at least match those expensive elliptical offered by Sole's? The Life Fitness Club does not offer adjustable strides, as opposed to other Life Fitness machines.

For those of you who are true runners, with higher speeds and longer strides, the eighteen inch stride length that the Life Fitness Club machine has is restrictive, difficult to deal with, and uncommon, too.

Club Quality Made For The Home

In terms of all ellipticals on the market, I would have to say that overall, the Life Fitness Club-Series is one of the best. Because of the adjustable stride and improved display available on other models … Read More

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Personal Trainer Answers 3 Most Common Women’s Exercise Questions

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As the owner of a personal training center in Singapore I get many questions from my female members about the best forms of exercise for them. Here are the 3 answers to come very common questions that my female personal training clients in Singapore often ask me.

#1 What sort of strength-training exercises do you recommend for women?

If a female has no past injury history and is healthy, I suggest exercises that use their entire body. These exercises include squats, dead-lifts, lunges, push-ups, assisted (if necessary) chin-ups and interval training. These exercises keep your muscles firm and also help you perform real life tasks like carrying groceries, climbing stairs and holding your kids with ease.

#2 Please explain why strength-training is better for losing weight?

Resistance training is not used because it is better for losing weight. It is better for losing FAT. This is because the best way to lose weight is to eat healthy, nutritious food like nuts, vegetables, meat, and eggs in reasonable amounts.

However when weight is lost, we want it to be fat and not our lean, toned, firm muscle. This is exactly what strength training does. It maintains your muscles while you lose weight so that all the weight you lose is ugly, unwanted fat!

The opposite is also true, excessive cardiovascular training such as triathlons and marathons are bad for you. They do not burn fat well, they cause you to lose muscle and they also cause you to have unnecessary, frustrating and painful injuries to your ankles, feet, hips and back.

#3 How do I Choose A Good Gym Or Training Program?

A proper gym and training system will have customized packages for different goals. There are different needs for ladies who are trying to achieve fat loss, fitness or sports performance goals. The instructors and programs should reflect these differences. You might be shocked to know that most gyms have the same program for EVERYONE! Bad news. Your results won’t be good at all.

A gym that you choose must give you a guarantee on results – or your money back. The key is that a good gym or training program is committed to every client’s success and leave no stone unturned when helping you achieve your goals and maximizing your health. This would include testing to ensure that you have good levels of essential minerals, that you have good ability to digest and absorb nutrients, and that you are in good hormonal balance. And having the knowledge to fix any problems.

There we go, 3 simple answers to 3 questions that female personal training clients ask me!
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Aerobic Class Fitness – Aerobic Dance Class 2015

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Aerobic Class Fitness – Aerobic Dance Class 2015

The Aerobic exercise is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight in the world.

You can make your aerobic training anywhere, whether at home, in the gym or even in a park.

The important thing is to keep your body constantly burns fat with the best Aerobic training

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10 Best Foods for a Healthy Life

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Our body needs a whole variety of foods to function properly. Naturally, procured foods are ideal for our daily needs. The key to a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy, so let us look at the ten healthiest foods that we can have:

  1. Vegetables are high in nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. They are rich in fiber which helps flush out the toxins from our body. They adhere to the fat residues that are left in the intestine and wash them out with our bowel movements. An adequate amount of fiber also prevents constipation. Dark, leafy greens are very beneficial. They are loaded with beta-carotenes, vitamin C, carotenoids, anti oxidants, and phytochemicals. You can incorporate spinach, cabbage, or lettuce into your salad. Always try to buy fresh vegetables, preferably organic varieties, as they are free of pesticides. If at all fresh ones are not available, opt for frozen ones as opposed to tinned or canned varieties. Tinned food is soaked in brine, and its intake increases the sodium content in our diet .
  2. Fresh seasonal fruits are always good for you. An apple a day really does keeps the doctor away. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and flavonoids and mostly consist of fiber and water. Berries such as blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries are rich in antioxidants. They contain a compound called anthocyanin that helps neutralize free radicals. These free radicals are the ones that lead to cell damage.
  3. Instead of refined foods, shift to whole grains. The processing strips them of their nutrients. Oatmeal, brown rice, whole grains, pasta, and cereals are good sources of fiber, protein, minerals etc. They are high in fiber and so help prevent constipation while also preventing the onset of cancer and high cholesterol. Whole grains satiate us as well and keep us from eating too much during meals. They also contain folic acid and selenium that are crucible elements for maintaining a healthy heart.
  4. Beans and legumes are rich in phytochemicals. Along with whole grains, they are an excellent source of protein, and are rich in fiber, iron, and magnesium. Such foods help control diabetes and fight cancer and aid weight loss as well.
  5. Fish such as salmon, halibut, sardines, mackerel, etc. Are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. They help fight cholesterol and triglyceride levels and boost brainpower.
  6. No fitness diet plan is complete without milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. They are not only rich in calcium, but also consist of protein, vitamin and minerals. They help fight osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and intestinal problems. If you are weight conscious, shift to low fat milk and cheese. Probiotic yogurt contains active bacteria which works wonders for our stomach.
  7. Nuts are full of fat, but of the good kind. They contain mono and polysaturated fats that help lower LDL levels and also fight cancer and heart problems.
  8. Chicken, turkey, lamb, etc. Are good sources of protein and are far healthier than red meat.
  9. Eggs are
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Is A Personal Trainer Salary Any Good?

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What is a common personal trainer salary? This simple question is one of the most popular, and also the most misunderstood.

Many people believe when they start their personal training business money will quickly fall from the sky. Fitness enthusiasts, such as yourself, always hear stories of fitness trainers making $100 plus per hour, and over $100,000 per year. I am the first to tell you; it is definitely possible.  When it comes to a personal trainer salary the possibilities are endless, especially with the aging baby boomer obesity rate, and people wanting to live longer, better quality lives.

Before you get too fired up, here is the complete truth about personal training. Most personal trainers don’t make $100 per hour, nor $100,000 per year. Why? Simply because they do not have a clue how to. Just by printing up a personal trainer business card does not necessarily guarantee you will immediately generate a six figure fitness income. Just as building any other business, it takes specialized knowledge, time, and a bit of patience.

The fact is the average salary of a personal trainer is around $30,000 dollars.  That is if you combine personal training business owners with club hired trainer employees.

If you look closely at the last paragraph, you will notice the word “average.” Average fitness trainer business knowledge, and work ethic will generally yield you an average $30,000 a year career. However, ask yourself one question. Do you want to generate an average personal trainer salary, or an above average one?

So what separates an average personal fitness trainer from an above average $100,000 per year fitness pro?

Marketing, and sales are the most responsible for the generation of a six figure personal fitness trainer income. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist in Exercise Physiology to generate a nice fitness trainer salary, Therefore, it is best to not only master exercise physiology, but to sharpen up on personal trainer marketing, and sales.

Secondly, high income earning fitness trainers understand the power of leverage, as well as fitness business planning. Upper income earning trainers know the value of time, and how to ultimately leverage that time. Some may run their own personal trainer business, while others offer value added products, and services for significant residual income.

The highly successful personal fitness trainers carefully plan their businesses by setting goals. They continue to monitor, and  change their course of action until they ultimately reach their desired income bracket. They are all about building their fitness trainer business.

Another variable that separates average income earners from elite trainers is total dedication towards continuing education. Even the trainers who generate the highest fitness trainer wages continue to educate themselves by investing their time, and money on personal training education.

I am not just referring to the latest exercise physiology research, but continuing personal trainer courses on fitness marketing, and sales. Success minded fitness pros’ are constantly trying to learn more so they can … Read More

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