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2012 Aerobic Worlds SOFIA – Individual Men and Mixed Pairs Finals – We are Gymnastics!

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FIG Official – 12th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships – SOFIA (BUL), June 1 – 3, 2012

Since his first ascent onto a Worlds podium in 2006, Spain’s Ivan Pajero has not given much leeway to his opponents. The 2008 World champion stood once again on the top step of the podium in 2012. His longtime opponent Mircea Zamfir took silver after losing a tiebreak based on execution and artistry, while his compatriot Mircea Brinzea tied China’s flexible Li Liangfa for the bronze.

Individual Men and Mixed Pairs

00:00:00 Opener
00:00:06 Views of Bulgaria and Sofia


GOLD – PAREJO Ivan ESP – 22.200
SILVER – ZAMFIR Mircea ROU – 21.650
BRONZE – LI Liangfa CHN – 21.600
BRONZE – BRINZEA Mircea ROU – 21.600

00:00:44 Start list
00:00:57 Mircea ZAMFIR Romania – 21.650 – 2nd
00:03:14 LI Liangfa China – 21.600 – 3rd (tied)
00:05:28 Ivan PAREJO Spain – 22.200 – 1st
00:07:55 Mircea BRINCEA Romania 21.600 – 3rd (tied)
00:10:07 Maxime DECKER-BREITEL France – 21.300 – 5th

00:12:20 Final result
00:12:32 Medals Ceremony

Romania and Spain shared the gold medal in Mixed Pairs after Sara Moreno and Vicente Lli Loris notched the highest marks for artistry. Matching them (and beating them in difficulty) were Romanians Andrea Bogati and Valentin Mavrodineanu. Result: Two couples on the top step of the podium. Meanwhile, Russia’s Evgenia Kudymova and Maxim Grinin improved from fifth place during the qualifying round to take bronze, edging China’s Ma Chao and Yang Guang.


GOLD – Romania 2 – 21.650
GOLD – Spain 2 – 21.650
BRONZE – Russia 1 – 21.550

00:12:51 Start list

00:13:03 CHINA 2 Ma Chao – Yang Guang – 21.450 – 4th
00:15:33 SPAIN Sara Moreno – Vicente Lli Lloris – 21.650 – 1st (tied)
00:18:08 ROMANIA Andreea Bogati – Tudorel Mavrodineanu – 00:21.650 – 1st (tied)
00:20:48 RUSSIA 1 Evgeniia Kudymova – Maxim Grinin – 21.550 – 3rd
00:23:27 RUSSIA 2 Polina Amosenok – Aleksei Germanov – 21.000 – 5th

00:26:03 Final result
00:26:15 Medals Ceremony
00:26:39 End

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face-ism ratio

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face-ism ratio

Here is an example of face-ism ration used in a Muscle and Fitness magazine. The ratio of the model’s face is quite low compared to his body. This is very much on purpose because the magazine is a physical fitness magazine. The photographer wanted to show the physical aspects of the model more than the intelligence or emotional aspects of their personality.

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Performance Fitness Testing For Cyclists – Know Where You Are to Move Forward

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One of the big secrets of high performance training is regular fitness testing. This article will give you the tools to test yourself and evaluate what the results mean.

Testing will give you your anaerobic threshold, a good indication of aerobic fitness and,if you have a way of measuring, your power at threshold. You can then track if you are improving and by how much. As well, workout intensities are based your actual fitness rather than a theoretical percentage.

While there are a number of testing protocols for the cyclist, I prefer to use the “Carmichael Field Test” for its simplicity and ability to do it in the real world. This is 2 eight minute time trials with 5 minutes recovery between them. You can do this test outdoors, doing it on the same course each time, or on an indoor trainer. If you have an indoor trainer with enough resistance then this would be your best option as all of the variables such as wind and temperature are taken out of the equation. If done on a trainer make sure that the resistance is set the same each time to give an accurate comparison of fitness changes.

To do the test you will need a heart rate monitor that has a lap function and will give you average heart rate and total time for the lap and a bike computer that will give average speed and distance. Most bike computers don’t have a lap function so you will have to reset your computer at the beginning of each test. As well it is helpful to have someone help with recording your information and hold your bike up so you can start with your feet in the pedals.

If you do the test outdoors find a loop course that is relatively flat. A paved running track at the local high school is ideal. Make a note of weather and wind conditions as this will have an effect on average speed.

Warm up for 20 minutes with three 30 second hard efforts to activate the lactate system.

Then from a standing start (clipped in with someone holding you up like a time trial) go as hard and as far as you can in 8 minutes. Get up to speed over the first 30 seconds and then try to hold the highest average speed you can.

Hit the lap button after the 8 minutes and ride easy for 5 minutes. Call out to your helper your average heart rate for the interval, average speed and the distance covered.

After your 5 minute recovery, get set and do it again. After the interval, record your average heart rate for the interval, average speed and the distance covered.

Ride easy to cool down for 10-15 minutes.

As you get fitter you will be able to go further during each test as well as be able to do the tests with a higher average heart rate. In addition to tracking your progress the test is … Read More

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If You Want to Lose Weight Keep Away From Long, Slow Cardio Activity

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If you are like many people you are totally confused by all the exercise information and misinformation, fat loss hype, and supplement ads and fads you come across everyday both on the internet and in magazines. Or you could be following exercise or weight loss programs that give you little, if any results, and take up too much time from your busy schedule.

Well, you are not alone as there are millions of people around the world that are ready to give up on finding the right exercise and nutrition program for their goals and schedules (if they have not given up already). After being mislead by so called fitness experts that all they need to do is find "something they enjoy" and that will get them strong, fit and be able to lose weight. Yea right!

Let us take a look at the biggest time-robbing, money-wasting, ineffective exercise method that is supposed to help you lose fat despite the awful truth is, it does not do this. Did you know that using long, slow, mind numbing; cycling, steady-state cardio (walking, jogging, cycling etc) for fat burning may be the biggest weight loss scam of all time?

When asked to picture a typical "fat loss" workout, you can see yourself on the treadmill or "doing 20 minutes on the bike" and hating every second of it. That is why so many people give up soon, or do not even bother to start in the first place. And did you know launching into a program of cardio type activity is the last place a beginner should start?

Because many beginners to fitness are often overweight, uncommitted and unprepared, excess cardio only predisposes them to muscle and joint injuries, especially when doing repetitive activity on a daily basis. The problem is this type of activity only burns fuel (calories) during the exercise session and what is needed for fat loss is an increase in the fuel burnt every minute of the day 24/7. What happens after the exercise session is over is much more important than what happens during the session.

So, you may be asking, "What does work for fast and efficient fat loss"?

To lose fat, the first thing you need to do is speed up your metabolism (your body's engine). If you have been living a no exercise lifestyle for some time it is likely you have lost some lean muscle mass. From the mid 20's on this will happen if you are not strength training to keep your muscles in good working order.

To crank up your metabolic rate you will need to rebuild and tone up your muscles. Muscle is where the fat is burnt so this is the number one sure fire way to lose that body fat. Seek the help of a fitness professional to set up your program and teach you correct exercise technique.

You need to use the right exercises, perform them at the right intensity (degree of difficulty) and the right frequency. … Read More