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Dinaz Aerobic Fitness Dance Workout

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Vanitha TV – Beauty Spot

VANITHA TV – First Women Centric Channel in India
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Horizon Fitness Treadmills – Which One is Right For You?

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You can choose to go to a great health club to work out on one of their treadmills or you can now have a great workout in the comfort of your home with Horizon Fitness Treadmills. They come in all ranges and sizes. Take a look at some of the favorite models.

The Horizon WT950 treadmill can reach high speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. It is made for endurance, hard and rigorous training routines and packs 2.25 horsepower. It has an incline motor which can operate at a full power of 3150RPM and 500 pounds of direct thrust from 0 to 12 per cent grade. With a great wireless pedometer which enables you to keep a tally of your daily steps quite easily, you can check the treadmill to know how your fitness is progressing each day. The treadmill has the capacity to upload your daily steps for the day using the treadmill console. It is portable thanks to its featherlight lift feature which uses two hydraulic shocks to help you in raising and lowering the deck. They are able to keep the deck in place above 45 degrees to prevent drops. The ultra compact, fold-on-nose is for safety and maneuverability. It also has a thicker, softer cushioning which is designed to take stress off your legs and joints.

The Horizon Fitness Treadmills also have another model called the Horizon T20 treadmill which used to be called the Advance 200 and has continued to be one of the best sellers. It is rated highly by all dealers because it attracts buyers from the novice and expert fitness enthusiasts to just everybody searching for a light or casual workout. It is durable and easy to control. It comes from a series of treadmills like the T25, T30, T40, T51, T52, T53, T54, HR. All of them are quality products which are every fitness shopper’s first choice for walking, running, or jogging with or without an incline. They can keep count of the calories burned, distance and speed covered during the workout.

The Horizon Fitness Treadmills also has a model called the Horizon Cse3 Elliptical that is designed to benefit people who suffer from joint problems. It means that the countless number of people who are tempted to give up exercise can be encouraged to use this particular treadmill. It has low-impact exercise for people with joint problems – whether they wish to lose weight, get in shape or just maintain their existing fitness level.

Ellipticals are sometimes called elliptical fitness machines, elliptical cross trainers, elliptical gliders or elliptical exercisers and provides perfect aerobic workout. They simulate the motions of cycling, walking, skiing, and stepping with very little impact to the delicate joints. With Horizon Fitness Cse3 Elliptical trainer, you do not have to remove the feet from the foot pads which mean that the workout puts very little impact on the knees, ankles, hips, and the back area of your body. This workout treadmill can work both your … Read More

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Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship – 1988 Opening Theme Loop (seamless/creditless)

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The footage is from 1988.
The song was made by Ty Parr.

I do not own the video footage nor the soundtrack.
All credits go to the real owners.

© Copyright:

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

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Take Control of Your Own Fitness Future

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You may be familiar with the concept of SMART goals. SMART is an acronym used in the fitness world and beyond to consolidate aims and objectives. For an increased chance of success, your goals should be:






Clearly, setting SMART goals helps explore your objectives and how they will be realized in more detail. The questions that you will ask yourself surrounding your own fitness objectives will bring you to a greater understanding of what needs to be done and the action you need to take to guarantee progress. This in turn increases your chances of success. Take a minute noW to make one of your fitness priorities a SMART goal.

So now you have a much clearer idea of where you are heading with your fitness. But how can you absolutely guarantee that you reach your objectives and achieve exactly what you are aiming for?

The following process takes slightly longer than setting SMART goals but it is well worth the investment of time as your results will be dramatic. As with many things in life, the devil is in the detail and the more detail you can create around what it is you want to achieve and why, the more likely you will be to succeed.

Firstly, state your goal as a positive and make it something exciting to aim for. Knowing that you want to lose weight is fine, but understanding what your target weight will be and what this will mean for your life, what opportunities this will offer you, what outfits this will allow you to wear and how you will feel when you have achieved the result, is even more motivating .

Next you must establish where you are now in relation to your goal. You must clearly understand the gap between your current situation and your desired situation, in order that you can set a truly realistic time frame for the achievement.

Now ask yourself, ‘what will I see, hear and feel when I reach my goal?’ Giving yourself the opportunity to flesh out a picture of what reaching this goal will enable you to do, feel, see and hear allows you to imagine living as if you have already succeeded. Your brain begins working on new an,d positive thought patterns, you can sense success in your head and in you body. These positive thought patterns are a great asset in the quest to begin making the dream come true.

Then ask yourself, ‘how will I know when I have achieved my goal?’ This is a crucial question to ask so that you are completely clear on when you will reach your current objectives. This allows you to feel the sense of achievement and success that you deserve. It is fine to reset some new goals at this point, but ensure that you enjoy the moment of victory before moving on. If you do not establish how you will know when you have achieved your goal well in advance, … Read More

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day 102

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day 102

day 102 (I Resolve in Thread To…)
I am going to use my gym membership regularly. Gonna get buff.

Oh….and I am going to bring back leg warmers to the gym set.

Posted by luckyjackson:: on 2012-01-01 03:16:50

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Joining A Gym – Why Can not I Workout On My Own?

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Gyms today have become very popular due to the great physical and psychological benefits they offer to people. However, one should be cautious while choosing a gym.

Only a few people can afford to buy the expensive fitness equipment such as multi station treadmills, stair steppers and stretching bars that are found in gyms.

Today most hi-tech gyms offer a variety of exercise activities ranging from racquetball and tennis courts to Olympic sized swimming pools, saunas, spas, rock climbing and even jai lai courts that are in vogue these days. Jai Lai is a Spanish high intensity racquetball game that is played with a curved racquet.

It is not possible to enjoy all these facilities from home without one is very wealthy. Another advantage of going to the gym is that you can seek professional advice from the experienced fitness professionals and trainers. They can guide you during weight training sessions as well as offer useful dietary information and health tips.

Even members of the gym can be extremely knowledgeable. Those who are particular about maintaining optimal health and remaining fit and trim often make the time to hit the gym so do not be surprised to find doctors, nutritionists and aerobics instruors among the clientele.

Another reason why gyms are a good option is because they provide you with an opportunity to socialize and exercise together with friends or in groups so that the exercise routine does not seem monotonous. This helps to build social contacts and encourage oneself to exercise on a daily basis.

There are however certain drawbacks of attending gyms as well. The biggest disadvantage is that gym membership is quite expensive. One can pay per session, per month or on a yearly basis. Paying per session usually works out to be rather expensive but can be a good option for people who are just visiting the city.

The most commonly used membership is per month but this too can range anywhere between 30 to 300 dollars depending on the facilities offered by a particular gym. Sometimes gyms offer a trial work out period free of charge to attract prospective members.

Another problem is stimulating oneself to actually go to the gym. In today's fats faced society people lead such busy lives that they seldom have the time to goto the gym leave along exercise.

Gym equipment can at times seem rather unappealing if they are messy. Although most gym members are courteous enough to wipe the equipment after using it, suddenheless is important to look for a gym where the staff are alert enough to ensure that members keep the equipment clean.

Therefore one must weigh all the pros and cons and then decide whether they would like to join a gym or not. It is always recommended that one tries out a few gyms on a trial basis before finally committing themselves to becoming members of a specific one in the long term. … Read More

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coreografia-clase de aerobic..muy divertida

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Aqui os dejo este video realizado por las alumnas/os del gym triunfo,espero que os divirtais viendolo tanto como nosotros haciendolo.
Un agradecimiento muy especial para mis alumnas/os por convencerme para hacer esta pequeña locura..jejeje¡¡¡¡GRACIAS!!!!

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New look unveiled at Ayr Citadel gym

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New look unveiled at Ayr Citadel gym

A fantastic, modern and state-of-the-art gym opened at the Citadel Leisure Centre in Ayr today, Monday 19 January 2015 – benefitting from a refreshed and vibrant new look, thanks to an investment of almost £500,000 from South Ayrshire Council.

The new gym features ‘Life Fitness’ equipment to boost cardio-vascular training and ‘Hammer Strength’ resistant machines to help build strength and stamina – with friendly staff on hand to help you reach your fitness goals in 2015.

Much of the equipment is wi-fi enabled, allowing customers to watch TV, listen to music, or even download workout data direct to apps on smartphones – allowing exercise regimes to be easily recorded and tracked for optimum performance.

One of the most exciting additions is a brand new inspirational fitness experience Life Fitness SYNRGY 360 workout station – a revolutionary training concept which allows you to train individually or as part of a group.

Councillor Bill Grant, Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, Tourism and Leisure said: “The new facilities have transformed the gym and we can now offer customers more than just a workout – providing limitless opportunities for people to train smarter, better and more effectively – in order to achieve even better results whatever their ambitions.

“Why not give this brilliant new exercise hub a go – whether individually, or with a group of friends and experience first-hand how this new concept can enhance your training?”

Another fantastic addition to the Citadel Gym is the dedicated spin studio, with state of the art spin bikes in vibrant surroundings and a sensational new lighting system, which changes to the beat of the music!

To complete the modernisation programme, the ground floor reception area will also be re-configured to be more customer-friendly, making it easier than ever for customers to access all sports and leisure facilities and get information and advice on what’s on, where and when.

Councillor Grant continued: “It’s perfect for families and helps everyone make an investment in themselves, taking advantage of the benefits from a fitter, leaner lifestyle.”

Superb value gym-only membership packages start from just £13 per month and for a little over £1 per day (£37 per month), you can take advantage of all the leisure facilities including swim, sauna and all fitness classes across all Council venues – not just the Citadel – so you can break a sweat, without breaking the bank!

For further details call 01292 269793, visit or drop into the Citadel and take a look for yourself, the fitness team there will be glad to help.

Councillor Grant concluded: “It’s an exciting time for the Citadel and, as we step into the New Year, it’s a perfect time to keep fit, lead a healthier lifestyle and join the gym!

“Our makeover is complete. Start yours with us today!”

South Ayrshire Council is a Founder Member of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle.


The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle is an association founded in 2007 by some of the top … Read More