Month: February 2018

A Brief History of the Elliptical Trainer

Before the elliptical trainer was created the most highly ranked training or workout machines used to be the cross country machines made most famous by the Nordic Track.

The elliptical trainer was designed to most naturally emulate the movement the leg went through, including its range of motion, and most importantly providing exercise for the upper body at the same time. Because of the thought given to its design in these areas it will give its user a much more intense, a more complete, and a more satisfying workout.

The elliptical trainer will give a complete body workout. It does this by exercising more parts of the body at one time than almost any other workout machine and it does this all without placing stress on joints, especially those in your legs and hips. The exercise if very aerobic as mentioned already much like the exercise you would get doing … Read More

What is the Cost of the Jenny Craig Diet?

Do you feel like your clothes are starting to feel tight again? Trying on that old bathing suit and finding it to be tight? It's probably that time. But do not worry; it happens to all of us. It's time to begin dieting again. You probably had previous failures trying a diet, but this time it certainly will be different. You have likely seen those commercials of the Jenny Craig Diet, and how it helps women to shed weight. Signing up for this weight loss program has many advantageous to you. You will receive live instruction from qualified instructors who have much experience helping women lose weight and eat better. You will likely become part of a weight loss team, where you will receive encouragement from others and you in return will provide the same. Unfortunately, this is a commercial program and there are costs associated with it. There are … Read More