Month: March 2018

Looking For Exercise Equipment? Choose a Treadmill If You Like to Run

People often ask me why I always choose the indoor treadmill when I buy new home exercise equipment. You would think that after some many years pounding away on my treadmill that I would eventually feel like making a change and go for something different to brighten things up.

I can understand why someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy exercise or doesn’t train for a particular sport would want to change things up every so often. Me on the other hand, I love to run. To be honest I think running is in my blood, I really don’t know what I would do without it.

Although I prefer to run outdoors whenever possible, during the winter months the thought of getting out in the freezing weather doesn’t often appeal. Having a treadmill in my house is a saviour during these months and if I didn’t have it I would be a … Read More

Aerobic- I Akademie ZSNB 2016 Official I

Na některých zařízeních není z důvodu autorských práv na hudbu dostupné


Více na stránkách školy:
[email protected]

Nebo na stránkách StudioTOX
[email protected]

Hudba Intro:
Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

Hudba Vystoupení:
Machel Montano-Remedy

Produkce a střih:
Pavel Vávra

Pavel Vávra
Honza Kováč
Oliver Šulc

Asistent kamery:
Honza Kropáček
Adam Matela

Za půjčení zrdcadlovky děkujeme Viliemu Kováčovi

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