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(Too) Personal Training

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(Too) Personal Training

Me and one of my best friends Jevone a couple weeks before his first body-building competition. I was his partner/trainer/motivator for this competition and I cried when he called me at work to tell me he won. It’s one of the proudest moments of my life 🙂

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The Importance of Healthy Nutritional Eating

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What is the Importance of Healthy Nutritional Eating?

What you Should Know About Healthy Nutritional Eating?

Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat?

In some sense, this is true, because if you eat unhealthy foods you are a person to be an unhealthy person. The foods we ingest are extremely important to our ability to grow, maintain function, and prevent illness. Therefore, if you value your health, you should learn as much about healthy eating as possible.

Healthy eating is important from the day we are born. As a child, we grow quite quickly and this is due in part to the foods we eat. Foods all contain nutrients that provide us not only with fuel to live our daily lives, but also with the very substances that build our bones, muscles, and organ tissues.

Not getting enough of one nutrient or another can cause a variety of problems, including stunting our growth. For mothers who are nursing, nutrition is important because breast milk contains the nutrients a child needs to grow and develop properly.

As we grow so does our need for more substantial solid foods, however our bodies need proper nutrition never changes. Cells continuous break down and rebuild, so healthy eating for growth continues to be important right up until the day we die.

Maintaining bodily functions is also important but without healthy eating in our daily lives, the energy we use to think, walk, talk, breathe, and perform any other action will suffer.

The energy it takes our body to do these things comes from two places:

1. fat reserves in the body from our daily food intake:

If you do not eat healthy foods, you will find that you are storing more fat that necessary or that you are not getting enough and you feel sluggish or weak. Along with energy-providing nutrients, like fats and carbohydrates, we also need the right nutrients to allow our organs to do their jobs. Hormones and other substances in the body make sure that everything is working properly:

If you do not eat the right nutrients, your body can not produce these hormones and, as a result, can not function properly.

2. Lastly, healthy eating is important in order to prevent illness:

When we do not get the right nutrients, our bodies natural defense system against diseases weakens, allowing viruses and bacteria to attack the body. A good example is to consider our body like a well trained army, if the army does not have enough to eat, it will not do well in battle.

Without healthy meals and plenty of water, our bodies simply could not operate on a day-to-day basis. Understanding the different types of healthy food groups our bodies need on a day to day basis is vital and we should begin learning this as children.

However its still not too late. If your eating habits are not what they should be definitely consider changing your diet, following a good exercise program … Read More

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9 Ways to Get Relief from Arthritis Pain Naturally

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“The term Arthritis refers to joint inflammation, and it’s used to describe over 100 conditions that affect joints along with the tissues in their surroundings,” says

While arthritis causes joint stiffness and pain, the most common type is Osteoarthritis. It gets worse as you age, normal wear and tear being the primary cause. Another type is Rheumatoid arthritis, which is caused by the attacks of immune system on body’s own muscle tissues around the joints.

Amongst the primary arthritis treatment means are painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. However, these medications often cause side-effects, so a natural ways to reduce joint pain are becoming more popular.

The following are some ways to relieve from arthritis pain naturally.

Lose Some Weight

Your body has a huge impact on your joints and therefore on the pain you experience in your joints. This also means the heavier your body, the more pain in the joints.

It is common logic that your body weight puts pressure on your joints, especially on your knees, hips and feet. If you lose extra body weight, you can actually increase your own mobility and get relief from joint pain.

Exercise Daily

When it comes to losing some weight, physical exercises are a great way. However, there are a lot more benefits of exercising regularly and not just weight loss.

When you move your joint every single day, your body tends to remain active and your joints become more flexible. And if you already have joint pain, heavy exercises like running and weight training may adversely affect your joints.

Start with some low intensity, low impact exercises like walking, cycling, swimming and they will help you stay active and improve the flexibility of your joints.

Try Acupuncture

In ancient China, the best and the most common way of treating certain medical conditions was acupuncture. This treatment involves inserting small, thin needles into certain parts of your body to release some energies. This treatment was known to restore balance within your body.

World Health Organization has recommended acupuncture for the effective treatment of more than 100 conditions, as it is one of the most researched therapies around the world.

Acupuncture is also considered to have the ability to treat arthritis. Moreover, there are thousands of researchers worldwide working on this method of treatment and its long term impact.

Practice Hot and Cold Therapy

As far as arthritis is concerned, a normal hot and cold therapy can make a huge difference. A long, warm bath in the morning can really help reduce stiffness in the joints. It the night, preferably use an electric blanket or a heating pad around your joints .

On the other hand, cold treatments are pretty much helpful when it comes to treating inflammation, joint pain and swelling. Simply wrap an ice pack around your affected joint(s). You can use frozen vegetables as an alternative for quick relief.

Include the Required Omega-3 Fatty Acids in your Meals

Omega-3 fatty acids are pretty much required in your diet … Read More

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Best Gym Workouts

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Whether you’re looking to get into shape, or lose weight, in addition to a healthy diet, regular visits to the gym can help. There are so many machines and programs though, it’s easy to wonder… which are the best gym workouts?


One of the most popular workout machines at the gym is the treadmill. It gets your heart pumping, it gets air into your lungs and it does wonders for thighs and calves.

Elliptical machine.

Equally popular as a gym workout is the elliptical machine. This machine works similar to the treadmill, with the main difference that your feet move on pedals and as such never touch the ground. This makes the workout friendlier to your back and hips.

Rope jumping.

Not that you need a machine to get in shape. Exercising with a simple jump rope will get your cardiovascular system going too. Depending on your fitness level, start off with a relaxed five minute session. As you get fitter, pick up the pace by jumping higher and turning the rope twice as fast under your feet.

Working with weights.

Before you start working with weights, talk to a personal trainer at the gym. Left to your own devices, you might push yourself too hard, too soon. Weights put a strain on your muscles, need stabilization and need muscle challenge. Pushing yourself too hard could put a strain on your muscles, leading to injury.

Cycling Class.

A cycling class is just like riding a bike, only you do in indoors on a stationary bike. Cycling classes are geared toward cardiovascular exercise, but in the process leg muscles benefit too. A class generally lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, but a shorter program is recommended for beginners. Not everyone cycles at full tilt though. Older people, or people with joint problems like to cycle at a gentle pace.


Aerobics is a combination of rhythmic exercise, strength training and stretching. If your physical condition leaves somewhat to be desired, you might run out of steam during the class, but in due time you will build up cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and flexibility. This workout to music makes it all a little less painful though.

Go swimming.

If your gym has a swimming pool, swimming a few laps is excellent exercise. It builds endurance and gives all your muscles a workout. If it’s been a while since you swam, you’ll probably hurt in places you didn’t know you had muscles. But the main benefit of swimming is… no sweat.

Go boxing.

If you’re considering boxing as a gym workout, you’ll need the proper equipment: wrist wraps, boxing gloves, and a punching bag.

Boxing is an exceptional way to get your heart rate going. Some call it the best fitness exercise because just about all your muscles are getting a workout. In addition to fitness, boxing builds endurance, not to mention that going one on one with a punching bag is a great way to deal with your frustrations. It is … Read More

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Senam zumba Lia Lia – senam Zumba syantik aerobic

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senam syantik di alun alun Sumedang sangat ramai menggetarkan dunia, cewe cewe ini menjadi instruktur senam aerobik mengecilkan perut di alun alun Sumedang sebelum acara atraksi kuda renggong menggetarkan dunia di mulai,senam di alun alun ini setiap hari mingu di gelar dari jam 7 sampai jam 8.
selain senam syantik ada juga senam zumba Lia Lia yang sangat heboh, ibu ibu pun sangat semangat mengikuti instruktur Lia dengan senam zumba Lia Lia nya.

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