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Why we need ICOs and ICO Lists?

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Why we need ICOs and ICO Lists?

Initial coin offerings (ICO) is currently the best method for startups to raise funds, and companies to expand or upgrade to a Blockchain Network. But whatever the case, ICO combines the opportunities of Blockchain, automated crowdfunding protocols, and benefits of initial public offerings (IPOS) to attract investors. However, as ICOs are becoming the conventional method of raising funds and part of contemporary tech culture, it would become challenging to evaluate, analyze, review as well as rate the authenticity of these programs or products. This is temporary because there are no strict regulations guiding investing in an ICO, and many ICOs have failed without guaranteeing Return of investments (ROI), making investors lose their money.

For every idea, product or service to come into limelight and yield, it needs a system through which funds would be raised for the cause, while there are various fund-raising strategies, one of the most prevalent method used in recent is the stock market through Initial Public offering (IPO). We live now in a digital era where we have a digital television, then digital photo, digital watch and digital marketing. The world was ready for digital currency and Bitcoin was born. So, no surprise that in a very short time digital stock has joined the party. Now we need ICO Lists because there are over one thousand ICO projects. ICO listing sites such as ICO Toplist help projects rise money by boosting their online presence.


Typically, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency space’s rough equivalent to an IPO in the mainstream investment world. ICOs act as fundraisers of sorts; An ICO is launched when a company (majorly startups) is looking to create a coin, an app or a digital service linked to the blockchain. Next, interested investors buy in to the offering, either with fiat currency or with preexisting digital tokens like ether. In exchange for their support, investors receive a new cryptocurrency token specific to the ICO. Investors hope that the token will perform exceptionally well into the future, providing them with a stellar return on investment.

How to find the best ICOs and blockchain projects in 2019?

As ICOs gained predominance in the year 2017, there was no doubt that year 2018 was going to see the development of even greater ideas. In this year, ICO projects doubled the tally for the entire past year and as such, there were more groundbreaking achievements. An ICO which may also be known as an Initial Coin Offering is a technique whereby cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors alike, raise funds through crowdfunding. Yes, they are still making strong waves. Experts perceive the introduction of more ideas in the coming year but the ultimate question is how do we go about making a great choice of ICOs and blockchain projects to invest in amidst the tons of great ideas already in existence? Our ICO List have a lot of options to choose … Read More