3 Things To Do To Keep Weight Off After The Diet

If you have been on a diet, you know that keeping weight off after the diet is over is a real challenge. The are are three things you need to know and do to return to your "before diet" weight.

It is important to know that you should not spend too long on any diet. If you do, you may experience metabolic slowdown and metabolic slowdown means fat accumulation. So it is advisable to diet for a couple of weeks and then stop and take a break, so you can change the pattern. This will shake up your metabolism. In this time you can eat what you like but be careful. Here is how to eat after your diet is over:

1. If you decided to stop dieting and want to go back to the way you were eating before the diet, you will just go back to your "before diet" weight. You do not want to sabotage your weight loss effort! So, it is very important to permanently change your eating habits. This means to set up a couple of rules like eating sweet, salty and fatty foods in the first half of the day when your metabolism is faster and balance them with raw vegetables, protein and water.

Many dieters find it difficult to start eat regular foods after the diet. They are afraid to harm their new body. This will not happen to you as long as you stay in the right calorie range. Remember an active woman, who just lost some weight, needs about 1.800 calories per day. For a man this number is about 2.000 calories per day. An active post-dieter is the person who exercises at least twice a week. Sticking with your exercise plan will help you to keep your metabolism fast. It is known that exercise is one of the main indicators of whether individual individual will regain weight or not.

2. For many people counting calories is hard. If you do not want to count calories, keep track of fat intake. The reason for this is that fat has 9 calories per gram and is easily hidden. As a result you may consume a lot of calories from 'hidden' fat. A good example is chocolate. Two 100 gr. chocolate bars can have different number of calories and different amount of fat in them. One with 45% cacao, for example, can have 550 calories and 38 gr. fat and the other with 55% cacao can have 511 calories and 33 gr. of fat. So, which one you choose?

3. After the diet is over it is good to continue to eat small potions. Small portions promote efficient digestion, so it is advisable to eat less at one meal and if you feel hungry eat every 3 hours. Do not be afraid to snack. Digestive process needs 2 to 3 hours to process your food. So, if you feel hungry it is better to snack and not to wait until the dinner.

Snacking is a science in itself. If you eat a chocolate bar, you will damage your weight loss effort, because real soon you will get hungry again. But, if you choose an apple, you will promote your weight loss results, because an apple has the ability to keep your appetite away for a couple of hours.

Any diet must have the beginning and the end. Plan your weight loss diet exit very carefully.