32::215 – San Francisco Municipal Gym Membership Card

32::215 - San Francisco Municipal Gym Membership Card

Sometimes in San Francisco, busses are late. Or they just never come. Sometimes they’re early. Any way you look at it, riding Muni involves walking and running. Just the other day I was heading home, but after seeing Google’s prediction for the next bus being 15 minutes out, I decided to start walking along the bus line instead of just standing there. I would look back, making sure to not be too far from a bus stop without time to find one. 45 minutes later I arrived at my house, not a single bus had passed by on that route. I looked back and one was just coming up from the bottom of the hill. This is why waiting for busses in San Francisco is a bad idea. It’s best to just start walking and get on that bus if it happens to come by. Great way to get in shape, and it’s only $60 a month.

Posted by WarzauWynn on 2010-08-12 18:05:39

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