5 Simple Tips of Preventing Pneumonia In Your Family

Pneumonia is a common disease that is common across all ages with the elderly at

Pneumonia is a common disease that is common across all ages with the elderly at a higher risk. There are different causes of pneumonia such as viruses or bacteria among other causes of infection. The good news is you can prevent pneumonia from affecting your family members using these simple tips described below.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is one of the major causes of pneumonia and smokers are always at a higher risk of getting pneumonia because the lungs don’t have the capacity to safeguard themselves against an infection. It is important to quit smoking completely if you want to remain safe and healthy.

Get Immunized

All members of the family at risk of suffering pneumonia are advised to get vaccinated against bacterial pneumococcal pneumonia. This once-in-a-lifetime vaccine is important as it helps to lower the severity should you suffer an attack in future. In some cases, medics recommend a booster vaccine to be administered every 5 years. In addition, ensure your family members especially seniors get vaccinated for other diseases such as influenza that can trigger pneumonia.

Understand the Symptoms of Pneumonia

Pneumonia can sometimes be challenging to diagnose especially in seniors who may not get the typical symptoms such as fever, cough and chills. In such cases, you should keep an eye on other peculiar symptoms such as dizziness and confusion. Seniors and family members with preexisting conditions make it harder for you to notice any changes. For this reason, it’s best to see a doctor immediately you begin to notice something is not right.

Observe Good Hygiene Habits

Common respiratory infections such as common colds and influenza are known to cause pneumonia. Experts advise you should always ensure both you and your family wash their hands thoroughly and regularly to keep illnesses at bay and avoid spreading infections. Go dental hygiene is vital as some oral or dental infections can also lead to pneumonia.

Stay Away From Infected Persons

Preventing pneumonia is possible if you ensure to help your loved ones avoid coming into contact with individuals who are ill because of illnesses such as colds, flu or other respiratory infections. Contagious diseases such as measles and chicken pox can easily trigger pneumonia limit close interaction with sick persons.

Remain in Good Health

Being healthy and remaining fit is important as it helps the body to develop a strong immune system and fight off infections such as pneumonia. Ensure your family members especially the vulnerable ones observe proper nutrition and regularly engage in physical exercises. Plenty of rest also goes a long way to safeguard your family.

With the above simple and straightforward tips, you can be sure to have a happy and healthy family free from pneumonia.