5 Things You Cant Afford to Miss in Mumbai

Summary: One of the most vibrant cities in Asia, Mumbai is a place of dream.

Summary: One of the most vibrant cities in Asia, Mumbai is a place of dream. Thriving modernism, captivating scenery, splendid bazaar & streets and a range of tourist attractions give travelers a complete holiday experience. Here are top 5 Mumbai attractions, you shouldn’t miss at all.

Mumbai doesn’t have so many historical attractions; it doesn’t boast rich wildlife and you don’t find so much adventure here, but this bustling metropolis has a unique lure that never fails to enchant its visitors. Interesting sights, thriving modernity and a range of fun-filled activities here are hard to surpass over. Following are top 5 attractions you can’t afford to miss in Mumbai.

Gateway of India: The most recognized monument of the city, the Gateway of India is thoughtfully designed to be the first thing a visitor see while entering Mumbai by boat. This enticing monument has remarkable history behind it. Striking symbol of British Raj Era, it was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to the city. Also, this place is the popular site to start exploring Mumbai.

Haji Ali: Just off the coast of Worli, Haji Ali is an imposing structure, both a mosque and tomb. Ebing nestled within sea, this religious site is accessible through a narrow walk way. It was built in 1431 in remembrance of great Muslim Saint Haji Ali. Visit here on Thursday or Friday, and you find a huge crowd of pilgrims flocking here to get blessings of the great soul.

Bollywood: Mumbai is synonym to Bollywood. So when you’re in Mumbai, you can’t keep yourself away from this gracious charm. You may find a movie shooting in front of you just while wandering around the city. You can head-on to Eros Cinema to encounter reel life in reality.

Juhu and Marine Drive: catch stunning views of sunset, relax with friendly locals on warm sand or enjoy superb water sports if you feel adventurous. Multitude of food stalls, lively atmosphere and soothing scenery will surely leave you mesmerized. Don’t miss famous bhel puri, pani puri and pav bhaji on Mumbai beaches.

Lively Street & Markets: The best way to explore Mumbai life is to walk through its lively markets and streets. Shopping here is just an awesome experience, with huge line of products being sold at lucrative discounts. See fascinating Chor Bazaar, Linking Market or Crawford Market to enjoy unique shopping.

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Other than that, a range of interesting delightful attractions like Cave and National Park, stunning heritage building including price of Wales Museum and Bombay High court, Kala Ghoda Art Precinct and Mahaluxumi Dhobi Ghat are worth visiting during Mumbai tour. Mumbai hotels are globally famous for their world-class stay with posh hospitality. Planning for Mumbai tour is not any hassle now, as a number of travel companies offer various travel deals at reasonable rates. From cheap flights to Mumbai to budget deals for Mumbai hotels and a range of holiday package are available online. Conducting an online research, you can choose the one to match your needs and budget.