9 Ways to Get Relief from Arthritis Pain Naturally

“The term Arthritis refers to joint inflammation, and it’s used to describe over 100 conditions that affect joints along with the tissues in their surroundings,” says curlwire.com.

While arthritis causes joint stiffness and pain, the most common type is Osteoarthritis. It gets worse as you age, normal wear and tear being the primary cause. Another type is Rheumatoid arthritis, which is caused by the attacks of immune system on body’s own muscle tissues around the joints.

Amongst the primary arthritis treatment means are painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. However, these medications often cause side-effects, so a natural ways to reduce joint pain are becoming more popular.

The following are some ways to relieve from arthritis pain naturally.

Lose Some Weight

Your body has a huge impact on your joints and therefore on the pain you experience in your joints. This also means the heavier your body, the more pain in the joints.

It is common logic that your body weight puts pressure on your joints, especially on your knees, hips and feet. If you lose extra body weight, you can actually increase your own mobility and get relief from joint pain.

Exercise Daily

When it comes to losing some weight, physical exercises are a great way. However, there are a lot more benefits of exercising regularly and not just weight loss.

When you move your joint every single day, your body tends to remain active and your joints become more flexible. And if you already have joint pain, heavy exercises like running and weight training may adversely affect your joints.

Start with some low intensity, low impact exercises like walking, cycling, swimming and they will help you stay active and improve the flexibility of your joints.

Try Acupuncture

In ancient China, the best and the most common way of treating certain medical conditions was acupuncture. This treatment involves inserting small, thin needles into certain parts of your body to release some energies. This treatment was known to restore balance within your body.

World Health Organization has recommended acupuncture for the effective treatment of more than 100 conditions, as it is one of the most researched therapies around the world.

Acupuncture is also considered to have the ability to treat arthritis. Moreover, there are thousands of researchers worldwide working on this method of treatment and its long term impact.

Practice Hot and Cold Therapy

As far as arthritis is concerned, a normal hot and cold therapy can make a huge difference. A long, warm bath in the morning can really help reduce stiffness in the joints. It the night, preferably use an electric blanket or a heating pad around your joints .

On the other hand, cold treatments are pretty much helpful when it comes to treating inflammation, joint pain and swelling. Simply wrap an ice pack around your affected joint(s). You can use frozen vegetables as an alternative for quick relief.

Include the Required Omega-3 Fatty Acids in your Meals

Omega-3 fatty acids are pretty much required in your diet in order for you to stay healthy, especially in the winter season. Moreover, these fats also help you reduce the odds of joint pain in the first place.

High Omega-3 supplements include fish oil, nuts etc., which help reduce stiffness and pain in your joints. GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) is another fatty acid that helps in managing arthritis and is found in the seeds of some plants like hemp, evening primrose, black currant, and borage.

The oils of these plants are available in the market as well as online, which you can certainly use as a supplement but only after consulting your doctor.

Use Turmeric while Cooking

Curcumin is a chemical found in turmeric, the yellow spice used in India, which helps reduce joint pain due to arthritis. This chemical is effective in providing joint pain relief because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

According to an NIH report, turmeric was given to lab rats and found to reduce inflammation in their joints. Although more research on the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric is needed, adding a pinch of this tasty spice would not hurt.

Use Herbal Supplements

A range of herbal supplements claim to be beneficial in reducing joint pain in arthritis, which are easily available in your nearby market. Some of these herbal supplements are listed below:

  • Bromelain
  • Stinging nettle
  • Devil’s claw
  • Thunder god vine
  • Ginkgo
  • Boswellia

It is recommended to consult your doctor before you start taking any supplements, as your body may or may not accept them, leading to side effects.

Massage can Certainly Help

A regular massage with lukewarm oil helps reduce stiffness and pain in your joints, says the Arthritis Foundation. At the same time, a massage increases the range of motion of your joints. You can learn how to massage your joints or schedule an appointment for massage with a good therapist.

Make sure to see only an experienced massage therapist who has been working on people with arthritis. You can also ask your doctor if he or she can recommend one.

Some Facts related to Arthritis

Arthritis is not generally understood by us, as it is not just a solitary condition. It is rather just a way we refer to joint pain. Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability among almost every age group in the USA.

  • Over 300,000 children and 54 million adults in the country are suffering from arthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting about 31 million Americans.
  • About 26% women and 18% men have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Final Words!

Although there are treatment methods for arthritis, the primary goal is to reduce joint pain as well as to prevent further damage, which is possible if you go the natural way. Starting with a healthy diet that has Omega-3 and other fatty acids, make sure to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. This will not only help you avoid joint pain, but will help you stay active by increasing the motion range of your joints.