AEROBIC ENDURANCE – Extended Exam Question + ANSWER

Provide a detailed account of what aerobic endurance is. Include information on the importance of the fitness component, how FITT could influence the development of aerobic endurance and how it is tested. Provide reference to specific sporting examples.

In your answer you should have referred to the following points:

Aerobic endurance is the ability to work for a sustained period of time

It is important for athletes in a variety of sports that take place over a prolonged time period to be able to sustain performance level throughout their event or game. Poor aerobic endurance can be detrimental to overall performance

For a performer to have adequate aerobic endurance they must consider the FITT principles. Their training frequency should be high enough to lead to improvements as well as training at the appropriate intensity. For example, a footballer must perform aerobic endurance training several times a week in the form of continuous or interval training. The intensity can be selected by using heart rate training zones for which ever training method the chose.

Continuous training should be performed for a minimum of 30 minutes, whilst the type of training selected should be appropriate to the participant and consider their previous fitness levels, position and previous injuries. For example, a goalkeeper won’t have to have the same aerobic endurance levels as a midfielder.

Other examples could have included references to a centre in netball, a basketball guard, and a long distance runner or swimmer

Aerobic endurance can be tested by the multistage fitness test, forestry step test or cooper 12 minute run.

Level 1
• Basic understanding of aerobic endurance
• Little explanation of FITT or methods of testing
• No/little reference of specific sporting examples

Level 2
• Good understanding of aerobic endurance
• Explanation of FITT & methods of testing
• Little reference of specific sporting examples
Level 3
• Clear understanding of aerobic endurance
• Detailed application of each component of FITT and methods of testing
• Extensive reference of specific sporting examples

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