and now

and now

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Hi everyone! so I want to start writing more about my day/personal life when I post. (as well as some info about the shoot) Today I had a pretty great day. I basically just wrote music/poetry all day. Then I went to the gym when I got home, for a meeting with a personal trainer. I’m going on a bike trip this summer from DC to Nags Head (over 360 miles) so I decided to join the gym to start training!
It’s weird being there though… I don’t quite fit in. I’m more of the free- spirited outdoorsy, indie (sorta?) biker type… not intense, focused, classy gym type- if you know what I mean.

anyway, then I went to the church to do a photo shoot! It was a ton of fun walking around all the empty hallways/rooms looking for places to shoot, I am hoping to do it quite a lot this summer!

I hope you all are doing well!

Posted by kellyhavens on 2010-05-22 00:52:10

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