Are Medifast Centers Expensive? What is the Cost?

I often write about what to expect on the medifast weight loss program. The other day, someone wrote to me and asked: "How can I find a medifast center? Are they expensive? How much do they cost?" I will answer these questions in the following article.

There Are Very Few Medifast Centers And You Do not Necessarily Need Them: There are a few physician clinics scattered through the United States and the rest of the world. Some states do not even have one and others only have a few. You can check out your phone book to see if there is one near you.

However, you no longer need a doctor's supervision to get the foods or products. And, you can get advice, support and help from the company online for free. I know that some people will tell me that they want a clinic because they want support and accountability, but know that if you do not have one nearby, you can definitely get this from the company directly – totally for free. This is covered with the cost of your food so there's no need to pay someone for something you could get without spending a penny, unless you just want to see someone in person.

There Is No Markup For Buying Medifast Online: Most people on this diet just order the food from the company and they will ship your order to you. Receiving your order only takes a few days. If you buy enough food to last a month (which often works out to be much cheaper), you can often get free or reduced cost shipping. Many people tell me that they think driving to a clinic saves them money on shipping. Very often, it does not. Shipping is very often free and once you figure in the cost of gas (not to mention your time), you're sometimes actually losing money if you are driving out of your way.

The bottom line is that getting a basic monthly package that will give you enough food to last a month (while eating six times per day) should cost you $ 299 (before any coupons or discounts) no matter where you get it, unless someone is marking It up. The company's prices are always the same before any specials are subtracted. You'll often get free shipping anyway, and, depending on which coupon or discount code you use, you'll either get around $ 50 off or some weeks worth of free food. This is the advantage of buying online. They company offers you all sorts of incentives to make it attractive for you to buy their food. I find this to be cheaper and much more convenient than driving the two hours it would take me to get to my center.