Body Vibration Machine – The Home Exercise Equipment

You will find a whole lot of body vibration machines in the market claiming to help you improve your workouts, lose weight, and increase the density of your bone. But these machines are not that will give you results by simply jumping on them and turning them on. In order to benefit from a whole body vibration machine, you must incorporate it into a whole body workout.

There are two types of body vibration machines available i.e. linear (vertical or tri- planar vibration) and oscillating (similar to the action of a see-saw or teeter-totter).The type of the machine depends upon your need. The best thing is that these machines give the same output, 10 minutes on machine show the same effect as 50 minutes of exercise at the gym. So why not have this as our home exercise equipment.

It all dates back in ancient Greece where the theory behind vibration and health. The body parts that were not working properly were mechanically stimulated to increase blood flow to these areas to restore functioning. It is a unique machine design to cause muscle contraction and stimulation while standing on a vibration platform. The frequency (cycles per second) on these machines normally range from 3-50 Hz and the vibrations are of a vertical up and down movement and/or reciprocating vertical (lateral movement as well). The vibrations are barely noticeable to the user who is unaware of the continuous contraction of his/her muscles to stay balanced on the machine. Whole body vibration machines are worth closer consideration. Results have shown that use of these machines by women resulted in an increase in muscle strength comparable to that gained from any other weight loss training program, all while standing stationary on a rapidly vibrating platform.

The way how it works is quite simple. You have to simply stand on a rapidly vibrating platform. When the machine vibrates it causes your muscle fibers to contact as they do during resistance training except at a higher frequency. It’s this vibration that appears to build strength. To increase the effectiveness of the whole body vibration workout, strength training exercises can be performed while the machine vibrates.

These machines expand our personal choice for fitness and healing. These are the tools that can help us stay healthy and longer.