BTEC PE – Aerobic Endurance Training

#btecpe #aerobicendurance #trainingmethods BTEC First in Sport Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise Aerobic

#btecpe #aerobicendurance #trainingmethods

BTEC First in Sport
Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise

Aerobic Endurance Training
There are 3 types of training that are used to develop aerobic endurance.

Continuous Training
Continuous training is the most basic and straight forward, although it can be extremely boring.
Performers will complete at least 30 minutes of steady state exercise at a low intensity. This could be using such activities as running, cycling, swimming, rowing or using a cross training machine.

Fartlek Training
Fartlek is a Swedish word for speed play. This is when training is completed without rest using a variety of intensities and a variety of terrains. Similarly, to continuous training it does not require specialist equipment, but does spark interest and avoid boredom.

Interval Training
Similarly, to interval training using free weights, performers will complete a period of work followed by a period of rest. Track athletes, swimmers and rowers will primarily use interval training to develop their aerobic capacity, but it can also be used to train the anaerobic system.

The majority of interval training will be performed on athletics tracks, swimming pools and rowing machines, but performers can easily use this form of training anywhere and over longer distances in order to develop aerobic endurance.

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