Dance Aerobics – Fun and Healthy

Dance Aerobics is one of the best and fun methods to keep trim and lead a healthy life. Most people that cater to this type of Aerobic Exercise say it is the most fun. It gives you all the muscle toning, keeps your body flexible and trim.

Now you can do Dance Aerobics by joining classes just like Step Aerobics. But what is really fun is when you go out dancing on a Saturday night or some other night. There are many dance clubs you can join. One good example is Square Dancing. People have fun and they make a lot of friends. If you are a home body get you one of many videos on the internet and enjoy Dance Aerobics at home.

There are many types of Dance that fit into Dance Aerobics, Jazz, Funk, Belly dancing and many more. Being Latino I personally like Salsa and Mambo.

We have all heard about a "runner's high". Did you know that there is also a "Dancers High" for those really into Aerobic Dancing. If you have ever reached a "Dancers High" you know it is sensational. Some claim it is much more spiritual and and deeper than a "running high".

One of the problems we face today is obesity. We spend most of our time on the couch watching TV or on a computer. We need to add some activity to our lives to burn all those calories we take in and what could do that without feeling pressure … Dance Aerobics. So if you like to have fun while keeping physically fit get your dancing shoes on often and socialize and meet new people. The exercise you get is good for your health, you will look trimmer and have more self confidence.