Day 177.365 (Explored #1! Thank you VERY much!)

Day 177.365 (Explored #1! Thank you VERY much!)

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Day 177

Again, here’s Evonne Personal Training,Monetique – I just *had* to share this photo and how we ended up with this shot. I *wish* I had though about grabbing my little flip video recorder…. but alas, I did not. Anyway, there’s a nice paved trail for people wanting to work out or whatever around this lake up the road from us. So I wanted to take Evonne over and have her running on this trail. The trick was getting this particular shot.

I thought originally that I would set up the two alien bees on either side of the path and use the SB800 on the camera [or something along those lines] so that I had another flash in front…. basically throwing a ton of light at her from all sides to kinda mimic that shot I did of Parvati a while back that looked like a nike add. I don’t know why I thought this would work and still be able to capture the stuff around her….. but I did a test shot with my brother and decided that this was a bad idea.


I asked my friend and always human light stand Sean J. if he thought he could run along side Evonne with the large softbox on one of the bees. He said he thought he could so we tried it.

So here’s the Strobist info and comedic part:

My brother was running along toting the 18lb vagabond – Sean J. holding the lightstand with the Alien Bee 800 with a large softbox on it slightly in front of Evonne and pointed back at her at a little over 1/4 power and triggered with PWplusII. Me with the camera in hand, on continual focus, holding it as low to the ground as I could manage running along in front of them all. We would run until the guys were about to hit a pole that was alongside the path and then we would reset back down the path again.

On that note I think I shall invest in some type of cart for toting this stuff around like this. lol. As always, I am very grateful to my helpers on this shoot: Sean J. ( MiCTLaN ), Anna and my brother.

It was a little bit of happy luck to have caught the sun shining through the tree there right next to Evonne. I did not add that in in post. I have a couple shots that turned out with the flare from the sun like that but not positioned right there or anywhere where I liked the effect even.

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