Diet Pills Exposed – Extreme Weight Loss Or Scam?

Diet pills used to be all the rage. If you wanted to be thin you simply went a bought a diet pill and watched TV as your body burned the excess fat. Right- if only it were that easy. The reality is that the diet pills that were on the market were horrible on your body, and most of them didn’t even work as advertised.

So why is there so much buzz about a product called “Phentramin”? At first glance Phentramin seems like just another diet pill: it suppresses your appetite, increases your metabolism, makes you have more energy, and even relieves stress. But if all diet pills are garbage and bad for you, why is everyone talking about this new wonder pill? Well, the answer is pretty simple: it works.

It works so well, in fact, that many people are experiencing extraordinary weight loss. I’m not talking 2 or 3 pounds a week either. I’m talking 5-7 pounds a week, which is just the right amount to lose before getting into unsafe territory. Now I’m no health expert, but losing around 10 pounds a week probably does wonders for your health, not to mention your self esteem.

Phentramin, you see, is unlike the vast majority of diet pills on the market. Most diet pills “help” you lose weight by simply turbo-charging your metabolism. The result is that your body burns more calories for literally doing nothing, and if nothing else in your life were to change but that, there’s the good possibility that you would lose weight (or at least stop gaining weight). The difference with Phentramin is that Phentramin works on several levels:

  1. Phentramin suppresses your appetite to safe levels. Phentramin doesn’t cause you to starve yourself, but instead forces your body to stop telling you its hungry when it’s used to getting food instead of when it needs food. This will, ideally, cause you to eat only when you’re hungry, reducing or completely eliminating your excess calorie intake.
  1. Phentramin increases your metabolism, slightly. Don’t think that taking Phentramin will put your metabolism to the point where you’re burning the calories off as you’re consuming them- it doesn’t quite work like that. Phentramin increases your metabolic rate enough that you’ll burn a few extra calories per day, and even then that’s not the main reason it does it.

    By boosting your metabolism you are also going to have more energy. That’s just how it is. This means that you have more energy when you’re working out, going for a jog, or just horsing around with the kids in the backyard. More energy is a good thing, and no one ever complained about feeling healthier and more active.

  1. Phentramin also relieves stress. This might sound too good to be true, but I assure you that it’s as good as it can be. Stress is a cumulative result of several factors. Hormone levels, life events, and even companionship all play a part. Phentramin controls some of the hormones that compound stress, helping you feel a bit more relaxed.