Do I Need a Gym Membership?

Most people associate muscle-building with gyms. They think that gyms are part and parcel of building a fantastic body. This will depend on how much you want to train your body. Here are some pros and cons of owning a gym membership.


1. This will motivate you to workout more often as you do not want the membership to go to waste. We need some form of motivation, one way or another.

2. Most commercial gyms provide lessons such as yoga, pilates, aerobics, kickboxing, etc. This is more interesting than the boring workouts that you do yourself. You should find something of your interest …. and it's fun!

3. There are also many other facilities such as sauna, steam pool, jacuzzi, where you can relax after a day of hard work. This is quite well-worth the money in fact.

4. Professional trainers will also be around to guide you to build your muscles. Given the proper guidance, you should see speedy results in no time.


1. Not everyone has the time to go to the gym. Some people have busy working schedules and it is not worth it if you are like visiting the gym only once a month.

2. Some gyms are only interested in creating sales. Therefore, they might sell you a gym package that you might regret buying or not suitable for you at all. Worse still, you might end up not using it after all!

In my opinion, there is no real need to get a gym membership. You can exercise at home or in the park. Go for a swim, a game of basketball, or even for a stroll! If you are serious in gaining
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