Easy Exercises to Consider Without Weights

A question might have arisen in your mind. Why would anyone want to consider easy exercises without weight? After all, it is a known fact that weights and machines enable you gain size and strength faster than otherwise. Well, this is true but, there may be many reasons why people might want to consider not using weights.

There are many reasons for that, someone working long hours in office might not have time to go to the gym, whenever you go to vacations equipments and machines are not easily accessible, or simply that you do not want weight training, you want your body weight be acting as weight for your exercise.

So, What Are The Easy Exercises To Consider Without Weights?

I am going to explain 4 exercises to do without weights, which are more than sufficient for your calories burning daily and maintaining your build.

So Let us start shall we?

1) Walking at least an hour on outdoors.

This is obvious, but, it is not just any type of walking. There is a difference between normal and walking to do exercises. This is walking with a faster foot speed. Do you know that if you walk 10,000 steps a day then, it is more than sufficient to maintain your existing weight without doing any exercise at all? So, go out there and start walking.

2) Do Pushups to Reduce that fat around the Chest.

Pushups is the most important and underused exercise of all times. By doing pushups you basically do exercise for more than three muscles of your body, Namely, your shoulders, triceps and chest. The normal way of doing pushups is to lie face down on the floor with your hands about your shoulder width apart and keeping your hands a bit inwards. And pushups until your hands are straight and repeat it as many times as you like. Gradually, your stamina will increase you will be able to do more reps and ultimately increase your muscles.

3) Doing Crunches For That Belly Fat.

Crunches are one of the best exercises to lose that fat around your belly. They firm your abdominal muscles and ultimately reduce stomach from a bulgy type to an attractive muscular look. To do this exercise, lie with your back down and legs bent and your heels a bit closer to you. Raise your head up and do this by putting pressure to your abdominal muscles. Do these 2-3 times with at least 20 reps each?

4) Calf Muscles Are Also Important…

Doing exercise for calf muscles is very easy. Just stand on the edge of a step and lower your heels to get a good stretch and then raise them up as high as you can, go down again and repeat this step.