Exercise Machines for Circuit Training in a Women’s Fitness Center

Women’s fitness centers are growing in popularity among women who are new to exercise or who may feel less confident in a traditional co-ed gym. These specialty gyms include exercise equipment specifically targeted to meet the fitness needs of women. They also provide a comfortable workout environment that brings together a supportive community of women with similar health and fitness goals. Many women who choose to attend a women’s fitness center may be unfamiliar with how to use many of the exercise machines. A great way for gym owners and trainers to get members started is to set up a circuit training program.

Circuit training combines a series of exercises into a full exercise routine. Each exercise is preformed for a few minutes before moving to the next exercise in the routine. Most circuit training programs are set up around a series of stations alternating between cardiovascular exercise and strength training. The fitness equipment at each station can include exercise machines, free weights, cardio equipment, or simple floor mats for exercises such as push-ups and stomach crunches.

For upper body strength, a variety of exercise machines can be included as part of a circuit training program, such as a chest press, shoulder press, seated or standing row, bicep curl machine, or triceps pull down machine. The machines are used in either a seated or standing position. For lower body, exercise machines such as calf extensions, leg presses, and leg curls provide toning exercises for the legs. These exercises are typical done seated. To ensure both a challenging and safe workout, women can select the proper weight amounts on the machines for their own personal fitness levels.

In addition to strength training exercise machines, a good circuit training program will include exercises on cardiovascular equipment. Treadmills are the most popular cardio equipment typically found in a women’s gym. A treadmill allows the user to walk or run at any pace desired. Most also have the ability to adjust incline. This gives the member the experience of running or walking uphill, working additional muscle groups and burning more calories. Elliptical cross trainers are also popular in gyms. An elliptical machine provides an aerobic workout similar to cross country skiing and tends to be gentler on the knees than a treadmill. Upright or recumbent exercise bikes are another option for low impact, cardiovascular exercise as part of a circuit training program.

Setting up a circuit training program at a women’s fitness center is a great way to introduce the patrons to the exercise equipment and get them started on their path to fitness. A good mix of strength training and cardiovascular exercise equipment will enable a strong circuit training program that delivers the results that gym members are looking for.