Fish out of water

Fish out of water

I shot an event yesterday for friends who have an event planning company. It was their first big, non-wedding event and they did a fantastic job despite rainstorms overnight and all morning that turned the tent, quite literally, into a river.

The event was the opening of a fitness center. The whole idea was that it was like a nightclub with a dance floor and a VIP lounge. When I got tired of shooting people working out crazy commando style, I spent a considerable amount of time shooting these wheatgrass centerpieces in the VIP lounge.

Having spent the bulk of my life in yoga studios, I am not a big fan of gym culture. It scares me. It’s all very "Dodgeball" and I was certain that Will Ferrell would enter the room at any second to bring a little comic relief. The headsets, the screaming, the insanely loud Britney Spears’ re-mixes, the clapping and high-fiving after a high energy class ends. You just don’t high-five each other after a really great standing series & successful reversed Ardha Chandrasana.

I’ll stick with the wheatgrass.

Posted by Elizabeth Taylor on 2006-08-21 13:47:03

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