Fitness Equipment

Motivation is a very powerful thing, but getting and remaining motivated, is something entirely different. The thought of being fit is a powerful motivator, it is illustrated in mass advertising, in the media, online, everywhere you look. Mostly the intention for this is the sale of fitness equipment or health products.

It can be the middle of winter, summer, spring or fall, and advertisers are encouraging you to get fit and healthy, it is in your face permanently. I want you to get fit now! We should be thanking them, this is a perfectly reasonable message. This advertising tells us the facts are that if we feel fit, we feel better, doctors agree.

New innovations in fitness equipment are coming onto the market daily. Suggestions for designs come from sports therapists, celebrity athletes and doctors and these high profile people endorse these products, so they must be good.

The design and engineering of these products is state-of-the art. New insight is being learned all the time regarding different activities and how they work in the body. New equipment has fantastic designs and even better benefits. They are comfortable, and specifically designed to work your body into fitness the safest and best way possible.

The buzz-words are "sexy" and "longevity". We want these qualities and the advertising that Promotes this equipment, tells us we can get them. This is not just hype it is fact! We all know that being fit is the best possible thing that could ever happen to us.

The fitness equipment industry rakes in billions of dollars every year for all the right reasons. The problem lies within however, what is there to say that we are going to use this shiny new gear. While the advertisers can guarantee fitness, they can not guarantee that we will use the equipment.

The only thing that can do this is our own motivation and discipline. Without the commitment to discipline ourselves to get fit we are lost and our fitness equipment is relegated to gather dust in the garage. This is not the stuff that sexy bodies are made of. You have to from new good habits and break old bad habits.

To see the desired results, make that commitment, use your equipment and have fun using it. If you can come out of a six week commitment to using your gear, you will have formed a good new habit and broken and old bad one.

Just be sure that you select the kind of equipment you know will have fun using. Say a mini exercise trampoline. If you can have fun, rather than feeling you are being tortured to death, the results come sooner and are far more satisfying.