Fitness Equipment: Bodymax 1200CA Programmable Treadmill Review

Although many people know they should be more physically active, they aren’t sure how to

Although many people know they should be more physically active, they aren’t sure how to start. There’s a bewildering array of information and fitness equipment available for those who want to improve their fitness level. It’s sometimes difficult to know what’s best for you. Well, before beginning any fitness programme, be sure to check with your physician to verify that you’re healthy enough to embark on an exercise routine, even if it’s quite a mild one. The important thing is to start and keep at it. One of the best ways to begin exercising is simply to walk on a treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes per session for 2 to 3 times per week. Having quality fitness equipment is a key factor for success. Here’s some information about one treadmill we particularly like, the Bodymax 1200CA programmable.

Overall rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

With many features you’d find on a treadmill costing much more, the Bodymax 1200CA has a powerful 1.5hp motor that has a peak of 2.5hp. This means that this is a serious treadmill that will keep pace with you as your fitness level increases, and you begin to work out a bit harder. Eventually, you may even choose to run on the Bodymax 1200CA, which shouldn’t be a problem because of the strong, capable motor that is the heart of this superior machine. Another way to challenge yourself on a treadmill is to adjust the incline. The Bodymax 1200CA’s incline level ranges from zero to a challenging 12% grade that simulates walking uphill. With a maximum speed of 12kph, this treadmill even will support a vigorous jog.


About 395.00GBP

Product Description:

The Bodymax 1200CA programmable treadmill comes with 6 built in programmes that mimic walking in a variety of terrains. There’s also a wireless heart rate receiver. This ensures that you’re exercising in the proper heart rate range to meet your specific fitness goals. The treadmill has a simple folding mechanism with wheels that make it quite easy to move. One feature we like a lot is the “soft drop” that helps prevent excessive wear and tear on the machine. They’ve really gotten it right with this treadmill: the speed and incline adjustment buttons are located within easy reach on the handlebars.

Product Specifications:

Console display: Large, easy to read LCD window with blue back light Speed range: 0.8 to12kph (8mph) Running area: 120 x 41cm Running belt: 120 x 41cm Open dimensions: 172 x 71 x 125cm Folded dimensions: 94 x 70.5 x 139cm Weight: 68kg Maximum user weight: 15.5st (100kg) Power method: Mains Usage: Home Warranty: 1 year parts and labour


Using a piece of fitness equipment like the Bodymax 1200 CA programmable treadmill is an excellent way to get started improving your fitness level. Even a mild, leisurely walk, performed on regularly, can have significant cardiovascular benefits while strengthening and toning the large muscles of the lower body.