Fitness Equipment – Buying A Treadmill

Have you been considering purchasing a treadmill for use at home? Are you looking to

Have you been considering purchasing a treadmill for use at home? Are you looking to find the best price on the one you're wanting? Here are some good tips that may give you the needed help you're looking for. Treadmills are sold everywhere at discount prices. It only makes since. After all, when does anyone actually pay the list price for furniture or a new automobile?

By doing a simple search on the Internet under the term "discount treadmill" you will find that many people are looking for just that, a fitness treadmill at a discount price. This makes sense to most people, given the fact that even a basic model treadmill can cost from $ 1,000 – $ 2,000.

How do you know you're getting a discounted price on the treadmill you're looking at?

I would advise starting out by doing some comparison shopping first. Find the treadmill that fits your style and your needs and then begin shopping around. Depending on the treadmill quality, you can easily compare prices at all the various sporting goods stores, fitness stores and retailers like Wal-Mart. The Internet is also a great place to shop.

Be sure to look around for any special offers such as free shipping or delivery, extended warranties, or additional accessories. If you have your treadmill shipped, ask if they will set it up for you inside your home and haul away the packaging materials. Fitness machines and especially treadmills, can be quite heavy and hard to move. Keep that in mind when shopping.

Buying on the Internet

Buying a treadmill through the Internet can make shopping even easier. One of the biggest benefits is that you will not have to pay any sales tax if you purchase your treadmill from a business outside of the state you live in. This can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings. You are also likely to find some great discounts online that you may not find at a local retail store. Many of the major treadmill manufacturers sell direct to the customer online now.

On the other hand, many of the bigger retail stores or sporting goods stores will sell the same exact treadmill for the price you can get online. Some of the manufacturers have a bottom line price that dealers can not go under, regardless of whether they sell the treadmill online or in the store. Another important point to look out for is the cost of shipping. If you order your treadmill online, does the price include shipping? If not then this cost could easily make purchasing one in the retail store a much better option.

List Price vs Discount Price

Do not let yourself be fooled by the manufacturers suggested price and the actual discounted price. Many times the manufacturer and the retailer will use these prices to make you think you're going to save a lot of money. A good example is a retailer who shows you a generic brand treadmill that has an MSRP at double the discounted selling price. They let you believe you're getting a 50% discount. That sounds like a great deal! The reality though is that this generic model is sold for the same price as a name brand manufacturers model.

How do you determine if you're getting the best value?

Think about how the treadmill will be used and what features you need. Are you planning on using it for walking only, or will you be using it for running? This is important because it will determine what size motor you need, or program features you will need.

Be sure to examine the warranties on the various treadmills. Does the manufacturer stand behind their machine with a good warranty?

The bottom line is do not get yourself caught up in all the hype in regards to prices. What may seem like a great deal may not be. The most important tip is to look the best value that is in your particular price range.