Functional Blackroll Fascial Training: The Perfect Combination of Aerobic Exercise and Regeneration

Functional BLACKROLL Fascial Training combines self-myofascial release and aerobic exercise into one fantastic workout. It is the synergy of strength training and fascial fitness. Fascia surrounds and interpenetrates every muscle, every bone, and every organ in your body; the healthier your fascia, the higher your agility and overall performance. Functional BLACKROLL Fascial Training allows you to optimize your training routine and to achieve stronger training effects in minimal time.

Blackroll training is beneficial for everyone, because it eases tensions in your muscles and helps to release adhesions in your fascia. Your fascia will be rehydrated and nourished properly. This enables you to expand your range of motion and to increase your agility.
Well-nourished fascia is not only important for athletes. When you sit for extended periods your fascia can adhere, and these adhesions can lead to tension and postural defects. Many people working in an office suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain, and these problems often arise from unhealthy fascia. With this workout you’ll not only be able to stabilize problem areas in your body, you can also prevent further damage to your muscles and fascia.

Learn how to apply the self-myofascial release technique and how to release trigger points in order to get your fascia into top shape.

We’ll show you how to incorporate the BLACKROLL into your regular workout routine. Benefit from the BLACKROLL when using it as an unstable surface during strength exercises. Hydrate your fascia while you work on separate muscle groups. The BLACKROLL allows you to maximize your training performance.

Build up muscle, stimulate your fascia and boost regeneration – working out has never been more effective.