Green Tea Pills and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand

Green tea pills and weight loss is a recent discovery that is a welcome new development for many of us who are trying to watch our weight, maintain our weight or even lose some weight. It is great knowing that something so simple can actually give us great results.

Dieting and Losing Weight

Many of us are concerned about our weight. We hear constant references to how to keep slim or lose weight and this bombardment comes from all different sources, magazines, TV advertising, Dr’s surgeries, hospital waiting rooms etc.

Now I know that there is a very real problem associated with weight because as a nation we have become more sedentary and our meals, until recently tended to be mirco-nutrient, basically empty calories, rather than food that could provide the body with the nourishment that it needed. This in turn has led to massive increases in obesity and the associated health problems that it brings.

This article isn’t really to address that although the things I talk about will have a very positive impact on this group, specialist help or course is required in their treatment.

For the rest of us who like to keep the weight down, or even worse yo yo diet then keep reading.

How the Body Stores Fat

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘once on the lips forever on the hips’, for some of us that is true, in fact for the majority of us that is true. Unless you’re an ectomorph that has an incredible metabolism that prevents you from gaining weight then you will fall into the category of too much indulgence will lead to flabby parts of the body.

If we eat just the right amount of calories per day for the type of life that we lead then we will not put on any excess weight. Making sure that those calories though are provided through nutritious food will also give us the added benefit of good health.

Our problems occur when we over eat, eating more calories than we can burn off each day. The body will initially store the excess sugars as glycogen, sugar reserves, in the body but if we continue to eat then the body will have too much stored glycogen and the next thing that happens is that it will store it as fat, hence our weight problem.

Green Tea Pills and Weight Loss

Here’s the exciting bit because green tea pills and weight loss go hand in hand, it can help us to burn up the amount of calories that we consume on a daily basis. The reason for this is because of a chemical compound known as ECGC. The other main role in weight loss that happens through the green tea metabolic process is that it is able to more efficiently burn up fat.

So if we keep eating the same amount every day we will in fact lose some weight because our bodies with the help of green tea will burn up more calories than it normally does.

Green Tea Supplements

I am really fortunate because last year a friend introduced me to the supplement that she was taking. I at first turned up my nose until I had researched about them then I changed my mind.

This green tea supplement is like no other that I have come across it is filled with over 70 life enhancing plant nutrients such as decaffeinated green tea extract, resveratrol, another known ingredient in weight loss, ginkgo biloba, aloe vera and many more.

It has given me great peace of mind knowing that by taking it I am giving my body the best shot at staying healthy and protected from many nasty diseases and also it makes staying in shape easy.

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