How To Build Big Muscles – 3 Steps To Hugeness

How to build big muscles is the question on the mind of just about every bodybuilder, especially when we are starting out. The trouble is that you can find so much conflicting information out there that it's hard to know where to turn or what to do. Check out the rest of this article to find out how to build big muscles.

Step 1

Unless you have an extremely physical day job or something like that in your life, the chances are that to build up your muscles you are going to need to get into some kind of regular weight training regimen. There's no known method how to build big muscles without some kind of resistance. This is not as time consuming and tiring as it sees, and once you get started you'll find that within a few weeks your workout is automatic.

Step 2

Do not let yourself plateau. When you first start working out, over the course of the first few weeks you'll find you get a whole lot stronger than you were. This is due to dormant muscle fibers being awoken by the vigilant stimulation. A lot of people get to this stage when they first find out how to build big muscles, but then stop challenging themselves with the amount of weight they are lifting. If you do not lift enough, you'll probably see any gains at all, so make sure you increase the weight as you get stronger.

Step 3

Remember the golden rule – if you want to know how to build big muscles, lift heavy weights with low reps, and if you want to add definition and tone to the muscle you have, lighter weights and more reps are the key. Just remember, next time you are at the gym and you see people sweating over doing 15-20 reps, it may seem tough but it will not make them any bigger.

Step 4

Add some variety. The human body is perfectly evolved, and so you'll find that the same exercises all the time are less strenuous for you, so you get less gain. This can really trouble your quest to learn how to build big muscles. This is due to certain parts of each muscle becoming stronger and thus able to deal with things more efficiently. To combat this, mix it up a little, rotate your routine every few weeks so you can keep it all fresh and keep your muscles guessing.

So there you are, that's how to build big muscles in a nutshell. The tips are aimed at someone just starting out, but these principles will always apply to any kind of strength training. Click the links below for some more tips.