How to Lose Six Pounds in Two Weeks

Surprised? But that’s true! You can easily lose near about six pounds of your body weight if you follow the weight loss tips described here. They worked just worked wonders in my case, and I lost whopping six pounds in just 2 weeks. I am sure you can easily win your battle against weight gain the way I did!

Here are the tips:

1) Cultivate a hobby that requires some physical activity such as gardening. I cut grass in my garden every alternate day using a push mower. This is an amazing workout, which kept me occupied for around 4-6 hours.

2) Drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday as water helps you lose excess weight and enhances metabolism.

3) Maintain a food journal and mention all your activities in it. Also, mention what you ate throughout the day. This will help you keep a check on your diet and workout level.

4) Make some dietary changes by switching over to low fat foods. This will help you lose around 15 grams carbs per meal. If you are a non-vegetarian, eat more fish and chicken and cut down on red meat. Also reduce your intake of white bread, and include more fruits as snacks such as watermelon or fresh strawberries.

5) Join a gym near your house or workplace! A one-hour workout at a gym for only 3 days a week can help you lose weight.

6) Change your sleeping habits. If you have been watching TV late hours, you may feel hungry and eat more than you should. So, switch off the TV at nine o’clock and go to bed.

Set short-term weight loss goals as they help you achieve your long-term goals fast. This trick worked wonders in my case. Happy weight loss!