How to Save on Your Gym Membership – Use it Or Lose It!

Do you currently have a membership to a fitness club? If so, that's a great start for your physical health! But the more important question is, do you use it?

I would love to know the statistics on the number of people who sign up for a gym membership with every intention of getting into shape and losing weight and then at some point in time after missing losing the motivation to do so. Or falling back into their old habits. Regardless, they end up in a contract for a membership that they are no longer using, or even worse, not even in a contract but still getting charged a monthly fee.

I know many people like this personally. I can also attest to what happens every January at the gym I attend. Every January, I guess because it's tied in with New Year's Resolutions, attendance at my gym spikes up. There are all sorts of new faces there, people brimming with the anticipation of turning over a new leaf and shedding those unwanted pounds. January turns into February, and these faces slowly start to disappear. By the time Spring arrives, the gym is for the most part back to its same attendance level.

But how many of these people either signed a contract, or will still pay the monthly fee and never go? The easiest way to save money on your gym membership is just as the title states-use it or lose it! If you are paying for a membership, then go! Go to the gym! If you are paying for a membership and not going, then get out of it! Close your membership or find out when your contract is up and get out then.

I think the worst example are the people who have the membership, do not use it, but when asked about it or when they themselves think about it use the lame rationalization that "I'm going to start going next week … or Next month … or next next whenever. " These fitness clubs must be getting rich off of these rationalizations.

Personally, I pay $ 35 per month for my gym membership. Of course, by trying to live my life as frugally as possible, I could easily give this up and save the $ 35. I could find a way to get my exercise outdoors in some fashion for free. However, I keep it for the following reasons:

–I view it as an investment. An investment in my physical health. This should lead to less medical bills and a longer life. Two things which can save me money or even make me money.

–My visits to the gym (4 times a week) I actually do on my lunch hour. I could not do outdoor exercise during this time unless I had somewhere to shower afterwards, which I do not.

–Finally, as long as I stay on my schedule of four times per week, these works out to about $ 2.19 per visit to the gym. I spend 40 minutes there during each visit, which I think is a steal of a price. So, rather than being a waste of money, I look at it as a great deal!

If you currently have a gym membership and are not using it, you need to take a good long look in the mirror and decision … are you going to get up off your back and honestly start using it? If so, then do it. If not, then cancel it. It's as simple as that. If not, you're just giving your money away every month, and not doing anything about health-a lose-lose situation if I ever hear one.