If You Have Chronic Disease Consider Using Exercise to Help You Get Well

It was not too long ago that people with chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes (the big three) were told by their doctors to "take it easy" or "stay in bed" and rely on taking drugs or medication in order to stabilize the condition. Today, there is little doubt how the impact of lifestyle changes, including exercise can dramatically prevent, treat and even cure many of these ailments.

Even if you have a chronic condition or illness that is no reason to avoid physical activity as many conditions can be controlled through a properly designed and performed exercise program. Exercise used to be viewed as asking for trouble, however current evidence suggests that in both wellness and disease, the overall exit is better for the exerciser than for a sedentary person.

People not in perfect health often find that benefit in many ways from an exercise program that includes strength training. Getting stronger and fitter improves the way the body works increasing strength, balance and energy levels as well as easing pain. Improved fitness also allows a quicker rebound from sickness or injury and activities of daily living can be performed easier thereby retaining independence.

If you have become the victim of some chronic disease becoming more active is a clear benefit in improving health and well-being and reducing the risk of disability or premature death. A proper exercise program can also be a great tool for rebuilding wellness and strength after disease treatment.

Starting a new exercise program may seem like a difficult endeavor when you are not feeling well or are in pain but it can have a huge positive impact on the way you feel and perform. Although at times you may not feel like continuing with the program, you will be rewarded with many long-term benefits that will more than make up for the short term discomfort.

People with chronic medical problems should insist their health-care providers give them information on how properly exercise and lifestyle changes can affect the course of a disease or illness. If people can not obtain this information from their doctors, they should find an appropriate health professional who can and will give this information. Do not be fobbed off with "you do not need it" type of answers.

To open the door to better health with your exercise program see a fitness professional at your local gym or fitness center who will design an effective set of exercises specifically for your physical condition. They will also teach you correct exercise technique and monitor your progress along the way. Your program may need tweaking and changing to get it a good fit for you.

It may take some work as well on adjusting your mental attitude to view your illness as a very good reason to get started on a proper exercise program so you can become stronger and fitter to take control of your health. This will enable you to enjoy your life to the fuller rather than be limited by illness.

Strength training is the ultimate tonic for rejuvenating and revitalizing your entire body strengthening every single cell, organ, tissue, body part and system. As you embark on your journey of increased health through the power of proper exercise, remember that you are investing in something near and dear to your own heart – your own precious life and your own future of healthy living.