Inexpensive Home Exercise Equipment

There are lots of exercise equipment on the market, and some of these require a

There are lots of exercise equipment on the market, and some of these require a second mortgage to afford. Below is a listing of inexpensive labor equipment you can purchase and use at your home without breaking the bank.

1. Jump Rope – For less than $ 10 you can get an amazing piece of technology … a rope. Kidding side, jumping rope gives you a great cardio workout, and also help tone your legs and helps with core, stability and eye hand coordination. Throw in a few tricky crosses and you can have fun while burning off the calories.

2. Stability Ball – For under $ 30 you can tone strengthen your core, and not even know it. To do so, get yourself a stability ball and exchange out your desk chair for it. Now when you are on the computer, or hard at work, maintaining your balance on the stability ball will help to keep your core tight. You can also replace the couch and sit on the stability ball as you watch TV.

3. Dumbbells – For rough $ 1 a pound you can purchase your own set of dumbbells. Most people who get their own set generally get lighter weights to accompany home workout routines or to challenge themselves on their morning walks.

4. DVDs – Nowadays you can purchase DVDs that will help you through a variety of workouts. From pilates to yoga to ab strengthening and on, DVDs can give you the know-how to get in shape, and stay in shape. Depending on the popularity of the title, most exercise DVDs run in the $ 20 range.

5. Ab Rollers – Depending on the ab roller you purchase, you can either get out of the store spending around $ 25 or upwards into several hundred of dollars. The less expensive of the options does not make it any less effective, and generally is easier to store.

So there are 5 inexpensive items you can purchase that will help you get your body in shape, without having to leave your home or handing over lots of cash in the process.

Keep sporting!