Life Fitness 95 Xi Elliptical – Remanufactured – Crosstrainer

As a self Proclaimed fitness expert, I’d like to share with you some thoughts about my experience with this amazing machine. Like the Precor Efx 546 Hr Elliptical the Life Fitness 95Xi Elliptical Crosstrainer is the staple for the Life Fitness Brand. Reliable, Smooth, Strong, Beautiful, These are the words that best describe this life Fitness Elliptical. There is a reason Life Fitness is in most gyms across the country, they tend to make the BEST equipment in the industry compared to the competition (Precor is right there as well but Its like comparing a BMW to a Mercedes-Benzs personal choice). If you look at every aspect they get an A+ across the board from cardio to strength equipment and let me tell you the Life Fitness 95 Xi Elliptical is no exception.

The console on this machine features 26 programs and 25 levels of resistance, (do some research not many machines can beat that) that is more than you could ever ask for or need for that matter. Its a top of the line machine. You get the standard programs and much much more. I’m a big fan of the heart rate program, it adjusts the resistance level based upon your actual heart rate. The 95Xi is Polar compatible which means you put on a chest strap and see your heart rate go up and down continuously while working out on the unit, Its a great way of actually seeing how hard your working. Any trainer will tell you the best way to determine how hard your working is to have access to your heart rate.

Now let’s get into the motion, its very smoother and makes this elliptical fun to use. An ergonomic upright position simulates a sprinters running motion all with No-Impact to your joints. Its almost like your running on the track. Its very important for anyone that wants to avoid all the impact to your ankles, knees and lower back. When you get on this machine you feel how sturdy it is, made out of steel its not the flimsy equipment you might find at larger athletic stores (I won’t mention any names). Somehow though Life Fitness has still made this elliptical elegant and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, its a beauty.

Like I mentioned earlier the Life Fitness 95 Xi Elliptical crosstrainer is very similar to riding in a high end car, That is the best comparison I’ve come up with. There is a level of refinement you get with high-end products, They last long and have a great re-sale value due to how well built they are. This is not for everyone, like a BMW not everybody needs or can afford this level of quality. There is no doubt why Life Fitness is the choice for health clubs nationwide, and if you can when it comes to your health why not get the best… It’s your HEALTH anything that will help/motivate you to work out is a plus in my mind. If you have a Lexus in the garage your going to drive it!

You can’t mess up when you go with Life Fitness, I always like to say you can tell the good products from the bad by how the company stands behind their machines. There are plenty of knock offs but they will not offer the warranties you get with the 95Xi Elliptical. If the company your buying from doesn’t believe in what their selling why should YOU?

I hope this has helped. Look for more of my posts in the future and good luck getting in shape. Its worth the time and energy, just 30 minutes a couple times a week will work wonders on your waistline 🙂