Life Fitness Club Elliptical Review

When looking for an elliptical to buy, and taking cost as well as professed value into consideration, there are 2 brands that stand out in particular.

Looking at Life Fitness, one seems to understand that there is an outstanding quality, and style that some other machines just do not have-possibly due to price, or just lack of design. This club elliptical presents a lot of options, although at a high price-roughly $ 4,000.

This particularly smooth model, the Life Fitness Club, will remind any user how a club machine feels and looks-if they can afford it.

An easy to read LED console, plus some really nice styling helps you forget that you are actually in your basement working out, and not standing in the middle of a bunch of stinky sweaty people.

The Life Fitness Club presents a wide range of potential resistances, due to the alternator resistance that is on it, and has a very quiet, smooth functionality. With no expense spared, it has some of the best programs I have used on any elliptical-except for the fact that there is no LCD screen on the Club series.

Quality and Inventive

Some of the most pleasurable, inventive fitness machine programs on the market are provided by Life Fitness. This list of eighteen programs permits the user to conjure up different terrains from the earth called Around The World. It is easy to see why the price tag is so high-with a line-up of programs that are not only thorough, but ingenious.

Lower-priced machines do not include the measured increase in resistance and even changeover that permits you to carry on with your workout-something that an alternator resistance provided in the Life Style Fitness Club will allow you to do. The machines' overall quiet operation and smooth motion is made possible because of the alternator resistance.

If you are looking for a machine that is quality-made through and through, an overall great machine, and not just a mere compilation of exclusive features, then the Life Fitness Club Series is the elliptical machine for you.

My big disappointment beyond the price tag is the warranty. In my personal, humble opinion, I was expecting more of a warranty for the cost of the machine-not the exact same one that the $ 1000 Ellipticals have.

There are few more concerns, too. First, why can not the warranty of the Club's warranty at least match those expensive elliptical offered by Sole's? The Life Fitness Club does not offer adjustable strides, as opposed to other Life Fitness machines.

For those of you who are true runners, with higher speeds and longer strides, the eighteen inch stride length that the Life Fitness Club machine has is restrictive, difficult to deal with, and uncommon, too.

Club Quality Made For The Home

In terms of all ellipticals on the market, I would have to say that overall, the Life Fitness Club-Series is one of the best. Because of the adjustable stride and improved display available on other models within the Life Fitness line, those models may be a little bit more enjoyable, however.

Still, the club series is a quality machine, even with the price tag-which, I agree, may not make it the best "value" on the market.