Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainers – Smooth Operators

* The X1 Life Fitness Elliptical

The most basic of the Life Fitness cross trainer ellipticals, the X1 still incorporates all the quality you would expect from an elliptical from this company. Providing a comfortable, smooth motion, the X1 will give you an excellent stress-free total body workout, but is lacking the numerous programmable features found in more expensive Life Fitness ellipticals.

* The X3 Life Fitness Elliptical
Available in two distinct models, the X3 lets you choose between a machine with a heart rate readout, and one with more sophisticated real-time heart monitoring.

* The X5i Life Fitness Elliptical
This model adds stride length adjustment to the features of the X3.

* The X9i Life Fitness Elliptical
The X9i is Life Fitness '' elliptical "flag, and is the one you can find in fitness centers. But if you want to spend the money, you can purchase it for home use.

What's So Special About Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainers ??

Because Life Fitness elliptical cross trainers are created for commercial use, they are exceptionally durable and can handle users of as much as three hundred pounds with not difficulty. They will perform well under extended periods of intense use, and contain only the best quality components.

Their nineteen-inch stride proceeds that of most other ellipticals, giving them a more natural action, and their personal trainer software will let their users create a customized workout program to ensure a total body workout.

Smooth Operators

The unparallel smoothness of the Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainera is a result of extensive scientific research on the natural biomechanics of the human body. The company also calls on the expertise of the fitness trainers of its Life Fitness Academy when designing its Life Fitness elliptical cross training machines.

The Downside

If there is any downside to A Life fitness elliptical trainers , it is in the area of ​​warranties. While Sole ellipticals are backed by fifteen year warranties, Life Fitness offers only a two year warranty on the majority of its models. On the other hand, Life Fitness ellipticals are so well designed and constructed that they require require repair.

One other disadvantage to purchasing a Life Fitness elliptical machine is that will set you back more than $ 2500.00, and that's for the low-end models. High quality, after all, merits a high price, and you are getting for your money the best elliptical trainer you can find.

There's not better way to get elliptical cross training than with a Life Fitness elliptical cross trainer. You'll have a machine which offers a huge choice of programmable features and will stand up to intestinal workouts for years, while continuing to offer the smoothest elliptical action you can find anywhere!