Life Fitness Treadmill Review

For this Life Fitness treadmill review, let's look at the 95T Engage. The 95T Engage is quite simply the limousine of treadmills. It poses the question: why does everything about working out have to be uncomfortable? With the 95T Engage, you can push yourself further thanks to all the added luxuries that help take your mind off the pain, and your body focused on the prize. Here are three key factors that make it the one of the best:

Technology integration: With USB connectivity, seamless iPod integration, a Virtual Trainer, and Workout Landscape Perspectives, you have every tool you need to take your mind off the pain and monotony of your everyday workout, and on to a focal point that will allow you to go longer and work harder. You can track your progress through the Life Fitness website, and create and plan your future workouts. You can even watch your favorite TV programs while you work.

Ease on the joints: The 95T Engage Life Fitness Treadmill also pampers your body in the experience that it provides via its new and improved FlexDeck Shock Absorption System. Combined with a lubricated belt and an Advanced Belt Tracking System, you will be able to enjoy a smoother, quieter workout that keeps your pain in all the right places.

Investment in you: The 95T Engage invests a lot in your comfort and your health. With a heart rate monitoring system that carefully and accurately keeps track of your performance, this is one treadmill that allows you to control how hard and fast you push it. It also learns which controls are the most important to you by tracking what your most commonly selected functions are, and placing those easily within your sentences.

The 95T Engage goes well beyond being user friendly. It is, quite simply, user driven, and will never give up on you.