Life Fitness X5 – The Heavy Weight of Elliptical

If you want the heavy weight of elliptical , Life Fitness X5 is what you will love. The machine itself weighs in at 204 pounds. It has 10 various workout programs. It has got 16 different resistance levels. The Life Fitness X5 elliptical enables you to adjust the stride from 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches based upon the size of the person utilizing it. This can make it much more versatile to ensure that everyone of your family can use it.

You can set the Life Fitness X5 up inside your house and you will never need to go to the fitness center once again. This is really a cross-trainer that is really close to fitness center high quality. As a matter of fact, most people claim that they can not even see the difference between this and the gym machine.

You can choose several various training modes. You are able to choose the Manual mode, the Random mode, the Cardio mode and a number of others depending upon your preference. The Life Fitness X5 is smooth and quiet. There are 16 various resistance levels to choose from based upon your objectives.

This trainer could be bought for close to $ 3,300 for that fundamental model and close to $ 3,800 for the top of the line model. This fitness equipment is very sturdy and long lasting. You will be able to use it for many years to come. It will manage an individual weighing up to 350 pounds, so you realize that it is truly tough.

It has a sleek style to it, so the Life Fitness X5 will appear great in nearly any room inside your home. It is worth the investment and you will not be disappointed with your training outcomes or even the trainer by itself. It should last you a lifetime. This home workout equipment is one of the heavy weights in much more ways than one when it comes to elliptical.