Making a Good Personal Trainer Advertisement

What goes into making a good personal trainer advertisement? The answer, on a general level, is the same things that go into making up just about every other really effective ad. Remember; The components in these ads are there to aid a consumer in deciding to take on someone like a personal trainer. It's always hoped, of course, that the decision on personal training will work in the trainer's favor.

So, what goes into making up a good ad? First of all, the person taking out the ad needs to realize the importance of content. It's the A-Number One ingredient in any ad, as a matter of fact. People – when it comes to hiring a personal trainer – want to know what the trainer is going to do for them. This is what the meaning of content in this context means. In fitness, it's all about personalization.

Ensuring good content in an ad may seem difficult, at first, but it's really not. The trainer just needs to make sure he or she is not getting wrapped up in trying to tailor an individual message to each and every potential client out there. Good ads start out in a diverse manner and narrow down as the message continues to be delivered. Occasionally, each person will hear their own version of "here's what Mr. Trainer is going to do for YOU."

Any of the good advertisements – online or actual print – never fail to include all the elements of any good story, much as you'd find in a newspaper article. Who, what, where, when and why nowdays also are joined to the largest 'W' of them all: WWW. This is where an Internet presence becomes so important in advertising. Your clients will be able to find out all about your business on a 24/7 basis.

Let's go back to the newspaper example for a minute. The ad will let people in on who you are and what the business is in business for. Also, it informs folks on what you would be willing to extend to them as it pertains to training services. And nobody will find you unless you include where your business is (even if it's a PO Box). Of course, knowing when you're open would be a good thing. And the last 'W' has to be WHY people should consider you before anyone else.

If you ensure any ads you're doing contain all the Ws, those ads will be able to do a much better job for you when the time comes around to ask a client to make you their personal trainer. They've been prepped to do so, and ads which contain these elements tend to create more opportunities to sell to customers who do pick up the phone or email you about fitness training.

Remember, too, to make sure you take advantage of ALL the ways in which advertisements can be delivered and how often they're evaluated. In this regard, it's best that online stuff be checked on a weekly basis. They're easy enough to reconfigure, after all.