Marcy Exercise Equipment – Boards and Benches For Your Workout

Marcy is a leading manufacturer and supplier of exercise equipment for home gyms. The company has achieved significant popularity, thanks to its reasonable prices. In fact, it is often possible to find its products selling at quite substantial discounts to recommended retail prices.

The company makes a wide variety of products, from weight and dumbbell sets to exercise bikes and home gyms. But it is the range of boards and benches that are Marcy’s most popular items, thanks to the variety of products, excellent quality and reasonable prices.

In addition, despite a growing range of high-tech fitness products, free-weight lifting, with the use of a board or bench, continues to be one of the most popular methods for home strength training. This is because weight training can promote quicker strength gains and generally work a larger number of muscles than resistance machines.

One of the most sought-after of Marcy’s products is the SB-410 Crunch Board. This is an excellent device, thanks especially to its compactness, which makes it possible to do free weight workouts or crunches in tight spaces. It has a seat pad that adjusts to flat and decline positions. And despite its small size, it offers a storage area underneath for items like dumbbells.

The company’s WM-367 Standard Weight Bench is also very popular. This features heavy-duty steel gauge tubing with front and rear stabilizers. It also has a fixed four roller-pad dual-action leg developer, as well as high-density seat and back pads. The weight plate storage post is capable of holding weights up to 600lbs.

Among the company’s benches, the Diamond Elite MD-856 Olympic Bench is also highly popular. As the name suggests, this is a top-end product, aimed at those who are serious about their workouts. Features include a dual-action leg developer with six cushioned roller pads, a pivot point that correctly aligns with your knee joints, an arm curl pad and pop-pin height adjustment. The seat is adjustable for decline, flat and incline pressing positions.